About Us

Hi, my name is Ana but my kids call me Jaycen (God knows why, but they find it fashionable :)) For the past 8 years I've been responding more often to "mom". My girls are now 5 and 8 years old, and the period since their birth has been a golden age of my life that has developed me as a person in many ways.

I remember the advice that was valuable to me at a time when parenting was a new and unknown area for me, and how much help and support was welcomed at times when I was dealing with various challenges for the first time in my life.

The joy and fulfillment that a parenting role brings are indescribable in words. Who cares about all those sleepless nights and inconsolable cries of the baby, when in return you get a loving smile and feel your baby's arms wrapped around your neck?

Inspired by all those precious memories, I decided to translate my experience as a mom into a sort of manual which will make it easier for new parents to make difficult choices, decisions and deal with doubts that inevitably arise with the arrival of a baby.

To relieve ourselves of stressful situations, to survive the endless repetition of the same actions which bring us on the verge of fatigue and nervous breakdown, and to completely indulge in the most beautiful moments in babies growing up are only some of the experiences that motivated me to start jaycenmeg.com. I strive to help everyone become the best parent possible and watch your children grow up healthy and happy. Join me on this amazing journey!

Ana Stanar (AKA Jaycen :))
[email protected]