Are Crib Mattresses All the Same Size? | Guide to Choosing the Right One 

 November 10, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

Key Takeaways

  • A newborn baby spends most of their day in the crib, between 14 and 18 hours. So it is vital to choose the correct mattress quality and size.
  • There are three options as far as mattress size is concerned. The standard crib mattress dimensions are 28 inches x 52 inches, a mini crib mattress 24 inches x 38 inches, while shaped crib mattresses have varying measurements.
  • The mattress should fit well in the crib. There should not be space left between the mattress and the crib.
  • The standard crib mattress is the primary choice for many parents as they can easily transition to toddler beds.

This article is a guide to the different mattress sizes and their advantages. We've also highlighted the corresponding crib size for each mattress size. The article will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a mattress for your kid

A matress in a white crib

Are Crib Mattresses All the Same Size? Types of Crib Sizes

There are three crib sizes: standard, mini standard, and shaped baby cribs.

Standard Cribs

The ideal choice for most parents is the standard crib. This crib measures 28 inches by 52 inches. The main advantage of this crib is that your baby will not easily overgrow it; thus, you can use it for an extended period. Also, a standard crib can easily convert to a toddler bed, eliminating the need to buy a new one.

Mini Cribs

The mini crib is a smaller version of the standard crib. Both are rectangular, but the mini crib measures 24 inches wide and 38 inches long.

The primary advantage of the mini crib over a standard crib is that the smaller size design lets it fit even in rooms with limited space. It is ideal when you intend to share your bedroom with your child. Also, you can fix two mini cribs in your bedroom perfectly if you have twins.

Baby sleeping in a crib

The mini crib has endless advantages - it is small and highly portable, allowing you to move around the room more efficiently. Wheels will be an added advantage. However, you need to be careful with the wheeled-mini crib, as they can roll over if not locked.

Did I mention its price compared to the standard crib? The mini crib is more pocket-friendly than its competitors.

The only limiting factor is that your baby will overgrow the mini crib sooner. Therefore, you'll need to buy a bigger toddler bed.

Shaped Cribs

Shaped cribs break the rectangular design trend of baby cribs. This crib has unique shapes, which significantly vary from each other. You're more likely to find oval or circular-shaped baby cribs in the market. 

Shaped baby cribs add a unique design to baby nurseries. Their smaller design lets them fit even in small spaces, leaving room for other essentials. However, you should note that these baby cribs are small, and your baby will outgrow them after a while. You, of course, know what awaits you - purchasing a bigger toddler bed.

How to Choose the Right Crib Mattress

Like the crib sizes, there are three different crib mattress sizes; standard crib mattress, shaped crib mattress, and mini crib mattress.

Standard Crib Mattress Size

As the name suggests, the standard crib mattress is ideal for the baby crib. This mattress measures at least 27 1/4 inches wide and 51 1/4 inches long. The Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates the size of standard crib mattresses to not more than 6 inches thick. 

Despite regulating the standard crib mattress, there might be a slight size deviation. The mattress can be ⅝ inch larger or smaller than the regulated size. The variation may cause the standard crib mattress to not fit on the standard crib. Therefore, you should check well before purchasing one. 

A toddler sleeping in on a white bed

I provide the most crucial information about standard crib mattresses below.

  • Standard cribs are durable and, therefore, worthwhile investing in.
  • The standard crib mattress size enables your child to use it for up to two years without outgrowing it.
  • Consider getting a standard crib if your room is at least 12 feet by 18 feet.
  • The design and aesthetic of a typical crib are more conventional.

Mini Crib Mattresses

Like the regular crib mattress, the mini crib mattress is rectangular. It is, however, smaller than typical crib mattress dimensions. The mini crib mattress size is 24 inches wide by 38 inches long.

The mattress has no size restrictions, unlike the standard crib mattress, whose dimensions are set by law. It is not surprising to discover some crib mattress dimensions that are too large for the crib. Different types have different widths.

Below, find the essential pointers.

  • Mini cribs, also portable cribs, can be folded, allowing for effortless movements, especially when traveling.
  • Mini cribs are more affordable than standard cribs.
  • Constantly check your mini crib to see if your baby has outgrown it. 
  • Consider a mini crib if you don't have a separate nursery space in your home.

An edge of a crib matress

Shaped Crib Mattresses

Shaped crib mattress sizes vary. They fit in shaped baby cribs. A distinguishing factor that separates it from the standard crib mattress is that the government does not regulate its size.

Typically, shaped cribs come with their mattresses. However, if yours didn't, you can measure its size (with a tape measure) and buy an appropriately shaped mattress. 

Shaped mattresses can be more expensive depending on the shape and brand.

Important pointers for choosing a shaped crib mattress are as follows.

  • Prioritize your child's comfort when choosing the mattress.

  • This mattress is expensive, and prices may vary depending on the brand.

Crib Mattress vs. Other Mattress Sizes

Other than the crib mattress, there are also toddler and twin mattresses. Let me help you break them down.

Toddler Mattress vs. Crib Mattress

Toddlers are larger than babies. Therefore, you expect the toddler crib mattress size to be bigger than the crib mattress size. You can still use a crib mattress as a toddler mattress. Many parents convert their crib bed to a toddler's bed when the kid outgrows their crib.

Crib Mattress vs. Twin Mattress

A twin crib mattress size is larger than a crib mattress. This mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. After your toddler outgrows the bed, the twin mattress is the ideal option.

A baby in blue sleeping in a crib

Tips for Choosing a Crib Mattress

Consider the following factors when choosing a crib mattress.


A crib mattress should be firm. This factor is crucial to infants, although grown-up kids prefer a softer and cozy bed. A Soft mattress may be a health risk to your infant.

However, you shouldn't confuse firmness with hardness. The mattress must be firm enough to prevent the baby's head from sinking, which may lead to suffocation.

But how will I know a mattress is firm? Push down on it. A firm mattress will spring back almost immediately after you release the pressure.


A breathable crib mattress is an ideal option for kids. This factor is crucial to preventing your baby from suffocating. The breathable mattress will permit efficient air circulation and regulate temperatures to ensure crib safety while your baby sleeps.


It makes no sense to buy a crib mattress that lasts for a short period. Replacing your mattress now and then increases your expenses, which you could save for other use. Therefore, you should ensure the mattress is durable before purchasing it.

Organic Mattress 

An organic mattress is the best deal for babies compared with foam mattresses. Save your baby from toxic chemicals by purchasing an organic mattress. The mattress should have more than 70% organic material to qualify as an organic mattress.


A crib mattress costs about $150. The price can vary depending on whether it is a standard, mini, or shaped crib mattress. Also, the quality, features, and brand may affect the price of the crib mattress.

Close up of a crib matress


Are All Crib Mattresses the Same Size?

No, all crib mattresses are not the same. Despite having a standard-size crib mattress size, there are other options, like mini crib mattresses and shaped mattresses. The important thing is to know the right crib mattress size for your type of crib.

How Big Is a Crib Mattress?

The crib mattress can be as big as 28 inches x 52 inches (a standard crib mattress). However, sizes may vary depending on the crib type.

How to Choose the Right Crib Mattress Size?

When choosing a baby crib mattress size, consider the following factors apart from how big a crib is.

  • Durability

  • Firmness

  • Breathability

  • Cost

  • What is it made of? Organic or foam mattress.

  • How big is a crib?

Is a Toddler Bed the Same Size as a Crib Mattress?

Yes. A toddler bed is the same size as a crib mattress. The standard crib mattress size is 27 ¼ inches x 51 ⅝ inches, the same size as a toddler bed. You can use the same standard crib mattress as a toddler bed without changing the mattress.

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Mattresses are so expensive because we use them for a lifetime. Besides their durability, they also have expensive features, including latex, memory foam, border trimming, and pocket springs.

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