4 Best Baby Gate for Irregular Stair Opening to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

Toddlers love exploring and moving around the house. To keep them safe, every parent needs to child-proof their space. A baby gate is a must-have supply for baby-proofing. If your house has irregular openings, you should start looking for a baby gate earlier. Buying the right baby gate comes with knowing exactly what to look for in one.

A baby gate should be safe for your child. It should withstand the baby’s explorations. However, for irregular stair openings, additional features such as adjustability and door swing direction are important to have.

If you want an adjustable baby gate for irregular stair opening with a unique safety system, Dreambaby Denver baby gate is a great option. The gate offers you an EZY- check system that is designed to check whether the baby gate is correctly mounted. The EZY also confirms whether the door is safely locked. This baby gate accommodates baseboards. It can be operated with one hand for convenient movements. It is wide enough to fit irregular stair openings.

Baby Gate for Irregular Stair Opening

HOOEN Small Narrow Baby Gate for Stairs Doorways

This baby gate is best for narrow stair openings. If your stair opening is irregularly narrow, try this gate. It is a heavy-duty gate, designed to withstand up to 100 pounds of impact. If your household has a pet and a baby, this gate is perfect. It can resist bites from pets and is baby-proof. It has a double lock system that is toddler-proof and convenient for adults.

One unique thing about this gate is the perfect auto-close operation. It has a specific hinge for this to work. If the gate opens up to less than 90 degrees, it automatically closes, if it is open for more than 90 degrees, it holds open. If you are worried about installation, this gate requires no tools, any adult can assemble it within minutes.


  • It is a gate for narrow stair opening
  • It can withstand heavy impact
  • Double lock system is baby-proof
  • The auto-close system is seamless
  • Easy to install


  • The gap between the latch and the frame looks like a defect

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Little Chicks Waverely

Your stair opening might be so unique and irregular that you haven’t found a gate that can fit. This gate offers you panels that can adapt to any stair opening. The gate can be configured to any stairway situation and gives you a customized look. The gate stands 29’’ tall and can fit openings that are up to 79’’ wide.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the direction the door opens, this gate has your needs covered. The door swings in any direction and can be customized to open in your one preferred direction. The gate allows you freedom and convenience in mounting. The gate can be used on the stair top and bottom. It meets all the safety requirements.


  • It is for any irregular stay opening
  • Panels can adapt to any opening
  • The door swings both ways and can be customized
  • Approved for stair top and bottom


  • It does not come with hardware to install it

Dreambaby Denver Adapta

This baby gate has many safety intuitive features. It is a baby gate for irregular stair openings because of its adaptability. The gate can fit openings wider than 70’’. It has adjustable lower brackets that accommodate baseboards. The gate is convenient to use because of its one-handed operation. It is easy to operate even when holding your laundry in one hand.

Another interesting thing about this gate is the EZY-check indicator. The indicator checks if the baby gate has been installed properly. It also checks if the gate is securely closed. This system makes things easier for you and helps you relax knowing that the baby gate is safely locked.


  • The adjustable lower brackets accommodate baseboards
  • It is a one-handed operation
  • The EZY-check system
  • Installation is confirmed by the check system


  • Joints that you tighten to hold the shape on the gate are not sturdy

Evenflo Secure Step Gate

You can install this secure baby gate within 15 minutes. This baby gate is perfect for the top of the stairs but can be used for doorways and the bottom of the stairs. It allows one-handed operation for convenience. The gate can fit openings of more than 40’’ and stands 30’’ tall. It is perfect for toddlers.

The doors of the gate swing, either way, this allows easy movements especially when holding your baby. The gate requires tools to be securely mounted. The tools needed are indicated. This gate passes safety all requirements.


  • It is easy to mount
  • Tall enough for toddlers
  • Approved for the top of the stairs


  • The plastic hardware need maintenance over time

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Factors to Consider when Buying a Gate for Irregular Stair Opening

The Door Swing

The direction in which the door swings matters for a stair opening baby gate. A baby gate that has a door capable of swinging both ways is the best. It gives convenience especially if it is for the top of the stairs.


Look for extra safety features when buying a baby gate for irregular stair openings. All gates meet the standard safety requirements, but a good gate has extra safety features like a system that checks whether the gate is mounted securely.


Your irregular stair opening has unique measurements, maybe it has a unique shape, it’s too wide or narrow. Depending on your case, buy a gate that is capable of being adjusted. This will make things easier when mounting the baby gate.


The most important feature of a baby gate is safety and convenience. To calm a parent’s anxiety about the baby’s safety, the gate needs to be safe. I would recommend that you buy the gate with additional safety features because you can never be too safe.

The Little Chicks Waverely baby gate allows you to get creative with mounting. This gate is adjustable to irregular stair openings. It allows you to adjust the door to open in your preferred direction. If you like flexibility in products, this gate is a good option.

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