4 Best Baby Gate for Split Level Stairs to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Antonia Gorman

Baby gates are a big part of baby-proofing. They keep your baby safe from falling down the stairs, having fire and liquid accidents, and many other accidents. As a parent, it is not possible to be on the lookout for your curious toddler all the time. You need a baby gate to help you keep your baby safe even when you are not looking.

Baby gate for split level stairs calm a parent’s anxious mind when they have to concentrate on another task. There are many baby gates for different openings in our homes. For example, there are gates for doorways and stairs. There are gates best made for large openings, while others are made for narrow openings.

One of the best options on baby gates for split level stairs is  Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate. This gate is a great option if you want an elegant look to fit in with your décor. The best feature of this baby gate is its unique safety indicator. The indicator turns red when the gate is not properly mounted or locked and green when the gate is securely mounted or locked.

Baby Gate for Split Level Stairs

Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways, ALVOD

This gate protects your baby from potential danger. It fits openings that are up to 46’’ and stands 30’’ tall. It features a double lock system that even curious toddlers cannot unlock. The gate is easy for adults to unlock. It can be unlocked using one hand, You can operate it while holding your laundry or baby.

The gate has an automatic lock system when the gate is less than 90 degrees open. If you need it to remain open, all you do is open the gate more than 90 degrees. It has simple instructions that clarify that the gap between the latch and the frame is not a defect.


  • It features a double locking system
  • It has an automatic lock
  • It has easy installation


  • The reinforce slots are differently colored

Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate

If you are looking for an elegant gate for babyproofing your stairs, this is a great option for you. This gate is not only beautiful but also safe for a baby. The see-through acrylic compliments just any décor, making your home stylish even after baby proofing. The gate stands more than 30’’ tall and fits openings of up to 39.8’’.

This gate has a unique indicator that tells whether the gate is properly mounted or locked. The indicator turns green when properly locked and red when it is not well locked. The installation is flexible as the gate can be mounted at any angle. The gate can accommodate baseboards for firm installation. For an elegant and safe look, this is a perfect baby gate.


  • It has an elegant see-through design
  • It passes all the safety requirements
  • It can be mounted at any angle
  • The unique indicator promotes safety


  • The instructions are not clear about the screws

Position & Lock Baby Gate

This baby gate is a bestseller on Amazon. The baby gate is budget-friendly, hence a great option for your pocket. It is a pressure mount gate and stress-free during installation. It is made of wood and mesh. This gate blends in with home décor with its unique and warm look. The gate gives a secure fit without damaging walls.

The gate is available in many colors. It meets all the safety requirements of baby gates. The gate gives a secure lock for the baby’s safety. It is a good one for 6- 24-month-old babies.


  • It is affordable
  • It has a unique farmhouse look
  • It spares walls from installation damage


  • The lock mechanism requires some getting used to

Regalo 2-in-1 Wall Mounted Baby Gate

This baby gate comes with a bonus mounting kit for installation. The bonus kit includes banister adapters, plastic spacers, and wall mounting hardware. The wall-mounted gate is 30.5’’ tall and fits spaces up to 43 inches wide. The gate is strong and durable, it can be used for many years.

To facilitate regular cleaning, the gate can be easily removed. It can be wiped clean with a cloth. The steel gate features a walk-through door, perfect for stairs. The gate meets all the safety requirements. It is made of nontoxic coating material. This gate requires assembly. For extra safety, the gate should be hardware mounted. The gates come with mounting tools and instructions.


  • It comes with a bonus mounting kit
  • It fits wide openings
  • It can be easily removed
  • It does not require assembling


  • The gate comes with only one round adapter

Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Gate for Split Level Stairs


When buying a baby gate for split-level stairs, safety should come first. The baby gate must meet all safety requirements. The lock should be hard for a toddler to figure out. The gate must be strong. Tall gates of 30’’ are good for toddlers because they are too high for them to climb.


For your convenience, the baby gate should not be too complicated to mount. It should take the least time possible during mounting. Baby gates that come with mounting tools are great because you do not have to spend time looking for the needed tools.


The baby gate width should match the width of your stairs. This requires you to measure the stair opening with reliable table measures. Expandable baby gates are more convenient, especially for uneven door openings.


If you need to get it right with the baby gate for split-level stairs. The reviewed products give value to your money. There are budget baby gates that work perfectly too. Whatever your budget is, there is a match for a baby gate. Baby gates are everything in keeping your baby safe from exploration.

If you do not want to go through the stress of finding tools to mount the baby gate, Regalo 2-in-1 comes with a bonus mounting kit. The mounting kit has everything you need. This gate is strong, durable, and meets all the safety requirements.

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