4 Best Baby Gate for Uneven Doorway to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

When your baby is 6 months and starts moving around, you know it is time to babyproof your space. Baby gates are part of baby proofing. Your baby’s safety is a number one priority. Every parent wants to protect their baby from falling down the stairs or spilling hot water on themselves.

To prevent baby injuries, baby gates come in handy. If you have uneven doorways in your house, the best option is to buy a wide baby gate. Wide baby gates are designed to fit odd openings and can be used as play yards.

The baby gate for uneven doorway should be adjustable and wide enough to fit a big opening.  The Summer Custom Fit Walk-Thru Extra Wide Baby Gate is the best gate for uneven doorways. It is wide and adjustable and fits odd openings. This gate is 30’’ tall for the safety of your child. It features a walk-through design for adult accessibility.

Baby Gate for Uneven Doorway

Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1

This is a popular baby gate that is reliable and portable. It can be used as a playpen for your baby. The baby gate works great on any type of floor; tiled, wooden, or carpet. It is designed in a way that it does not scratch the floors. This gate sets up in seconds. It is free-standing and features a child-proof double locking system.

If you live in a modern house, this baby gate covers you with modern features that enable it to be mounted on angled walls. You can buy extension panels if you want this gate in a wide area. The baby gate is secure for babies 6-24 months old. It is fun for your child because it is wide.


  • It is safe for any type of floor
  • You can use it as a playpen
  • It is assembled within a few moments
  • Has child-proof double locking system


  • The small screws on the metal poles are silver and not the honey oak color

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Summer Modern Home Decorative Baby Gate

If you are on a budget, this is the best baby gate for uneven doorway. This stylish baby gate is made of metal and bronze. It is decorative and blends in with doorways and staircases. The gate is made of strong metal for the baby’s safety. It is 30’’ tall and the first doorways are up to 42’’ wide.

This baby gate is designed to add to your convenience. It features an auto-lock design that closes the door after you and a hold-open technique to keep the door open when necessary. The gate is tall enough for toddlers. It is durable and can be used for years without dents.


  • It is an affordable baby gate
  • It is stylish and decorative
  • Features an auto-lock and hold-open mechanism
  • It is designed for convenience
  • It is tall


  • It is not all metal

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Baby Gate

This is an extra-wide baby gate, suitable for all angled doorways. It stands 28’’ tall and opens up to 192’’ wide. It can be used as a playpen too. It features adjustable panels that are designed to fit any opening. It comes with a 4 pack of wall mounts and requires no tools to assemble.

For the safety of your baby, the walk-through door has a safety locking feature. The gate is designed to be wall-mounted for extra safety for your baby. The baby gate meets all safety standards. The steel used to make the gate is durable, it could last you for years. The gate folds flat for storage convenience.


  • It is extra wide for extra-large doorways or openings
  • Can be used as a play yard
  • It folds flats for storage
  • The steel is easy to clean


  • The little plastics on the door come to off

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Summer Custom Fit Walk-Thru Extra Wide Baby Gate

This baby gate is customizable according to your opening. It is good for large and uneven doorways. This gate can be configured in oddly shaped doorways. It features a walk-through design for convenience. The gate stands 30’’ tall and can fit up to 141’’ wide openings depending on the panels.

The gate features a stylish grey mesh that blends in perfectly with the decor. The baby gate requires tools for secure hardware mounting. The height is great for toddlers because it provides maximum safety. The one-hand walk-through design eases adult movements from room to room.


  • It fits uneven doorways
  • It is large for extra-wide openings
  • The one hand walk-through is convenient
  • It can be customized


  • The door needs extra locks

Factors to Consider when Buying a Baby Gate for Uneven Doorway


The baby gate should be tall enough to prevent your baby from passing or falling over it. Toddlers are curious and maybe explore over the baby gate. Good height also allows adults to conveniently access the door.


Baby gates for uneven doorways should meet all safety requirements. It should feature a safety lock for your baby’s safety. Ensure that the gate does not have any loose springs, plastics, or bolts after assembly.


In this case, you are looking for a baby gate for the uneven doorway. The gate should be wide or able to expand without having to purchase extra panels. The gate should also be adjustable to fit the uneven doorway. There are gates for all/odd angled walls and they should sort your needs out for uneven doorways.


For a baby gate to be great, it should be safe for your baby and convenient for you to use. From the review, there are baby gates that are wide for large doorways and some are medium-large. According to your needs, ensure that the baby gate fits your opening and blends in with your home furniture or style.

If you want a baby gate for an extra-large opening, Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate is the best. This baby gate is 192’’ wide to fit large openings in your house. It has adjustable panels and comes with mounting packs.

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