Baby nail clippers vs scissors

baby nail clippers vs scissors

Cutting your baby’s nails is something that you have to do regularly. Baby’s nails grow fast and unevenly. Sometimes, babies hurt themselves with nails through scratching. It is disturbing to see scratch marks on your little one’s face. To avoid scratching and marks, baby nails should be cut.

If you are torn between baby nail clippers vs scissors, the best one to use is the one that causes no accidents when cutting your baby’s nails. Some moms prefer scissors because they allow you to see how much length you are about to cut, therefore avoiding accidents.

Are there other means to cut baby nails?

Maybe you have tried using nail clippers and scissors but have not been lucky with both. The other way you can cut your baby’s nails is using your teeth. This is not the most hygienic way of doing things because baby nails can store a lot of dirt, but it works for many moms.

After bathing your baby, their nails are soft. You can use your teeth to gently cut the nails without harming your baby’s fingers. Using your teeth helps you avoid bleeding nails because there are fewer cases of pinching your baby’s skin.

When can I use nail clippers on my baby?

If you want to use nail clippers, the best time to do it is while your little munchkin sleeps. When the baby is asleep, this is the time when they make little movements. Using nail clippers when your baby is asleep helps prevent accidents due to the baby’s movements. 

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When the baby is still, you are more likely to get a good clip on the nail and a perfect cut. Do this when your baby takes long naps or when they sleep longer to complete the nail cutting before the wake-up.

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How to effectively cut your baby’s nails

Nail cutting can be a messy and tedious business if you do not know the tricks to do it right.

  • Hold or place your baby in a way that you have easy access to their nails.
  • Position your little one’s hands on your palm in such a way that their fingers are stretched out.
  • Have proper lighting if it is night, to see the nails. This is to avoid over-cutting or cutting the baby’s skin.
  • Slowly use your scissors or nail clippers to cut the nails

After cutting, file the nails to get an even look and to smoothen the sharp edges.

As we saw earlier, cutting your baby’s nails while they are asleep is better than when they are awake. Remember to firmly hold your baby’s fingers when cutting their nails, to prevent injuries in case they wake up in the middle of the process.

My toddler won’t sit still when I want to cut their nails

Cutting a toddler’s nails can turn into a fight, literally because they won’t sit still. Try to distract them while cutting their nails. For example, if they like to watch Tv, you can put on their favorite show as you cut their nails. You could also cut their nails when the baby is asleep.

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How to prevent scratching

The best way to prevent scratching is by cutting and smoothing the baby’s nails. If you haven’t had the time to cut your baby’s nails, or you have tried and failed, you can cover your baby’s hands with mittens. Mittens not only keep your baby’s hand warm but are also a good way to prevent the baby from scratching you or themselves when they have long nails.


Is it okay to cut my baby’s nails using my teeth?

Some people recommend using your teeth as an effective way to cut your baby’s nails. It works well for some people but it comes with some risks too. For example, you can transfer germs from your mouth to your baby or bite their skin.

How can I avoid clipping my baby’s skin when cutting their nails?

If you are using nail clippers, do not go too close to your baby’s skin. Clip slowly and leave a small length of the nail for filing. Nail clippers come with a magnifier that helps you zoom in areas you cannot see clearly.

Which is the best position for nail cutting?

The best position is the one that allows you the most access to your baby’s nails. Ensure that you can firmly hold your baby’s palm.


Deciding on whether to use nail clippers or scissors is based on what works for you. Baby nail clippers vs scissors depend on how effective you find either of the tools. If the clippers work best for you, then scissors are off the menu for you.

Some people find both tools hard to use or ineffective and choose to use their teeth to cut a baby’s nails. To enhance the effectiveness of the tool you use, try cutting your baby’s nails while they are asleep.

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