4 Best Baby Pajamas with Gripper Feet to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Tania Lopez

Good quality baby pajamas reward you with good quality sleep for your baby. If you want to improve your baby’s sleep pattern, you need to get them great pajamas that will keep them comfortable. Babies do not like tight and uncomfortable clothes. Pajamas should keep your baby warm but not make them feel overheated.

If you are tired of waking up at night to change your baby’s clothes, maybe it’s time to buy new pajamas. Or maybe whenever you wake up to change your baby’s diaper or pull-ups, you end up waking them up. Baby pajamas with gripper feet and a zipper design help you do diaper change easily. Baby pajamas with gripper feet keep your baby stable and comfortable.

The ZippyJamz are the best baby pajamas with gripper feet when it comes to convenience during change time. They have a unique two zipper design, one zipper for a diaper change and the other for dressing. The pajamas are made of great quality cotton that is comfortable for the baby and does not overheat at night.

Baby Pajamas with Gripper Feet

ZippyJamz – Zipper Organic Sleeper Footed

These pajamas are great if you want convenience during diaper changing. It has two zippers that are independent. The front zipper is for dressing and the inseam zipper is for changing diapers. The pajama has a modern design with some traditional touches, making it great as a gift for a loved one.

The pajamas are made of soft cotton that is warm and comfortable for the baby. It has food-grade silicone gripper feet. The pajamas are designed with fold-over cuffs and neck protectors. The cotton is easy to clean and has simple instructions for wash and drying.


  • Unique zipper is convenient for dressing and diaper changes
  • It is made of soft cotton
  • Has food-grade silicone grippy feet
  • It is easy to wash and dry


  • The sleeve openings are a bit small

Burt’s Bees Baby Boys’ Sleep and Play PJs

The Burt pajamas feature a new loose-fit design to allow your baby room to play. Your baby can comfortably play in them as opposed to the snug-fitting sleepers. The diagonal zip eases diaper changes. The pajamas have hand-painted watercolor beautiful prints that make them unique.

The non-slip bee design foot gives your baby stability when active. The pajamas have non-scratch mittens that are convertible when you need your baby to loosen up. They are made of breathable approved cotton, that is perfect for your baby’s skin. They are durable and do not pill when washed. The stripes use yarn dye that does not come off and is safe for a baby.


  • They are loose fit for play
  • The mittens are convertible
  • The cotton is breathable
  • They do not fade


  • You need to size down

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ Fleece

These are budget pajamas. They come in a pair and are perfect for your baby. They are made from baby soft polyester that is amazing on the baby’s skin. The pajamas have ankle to neck zippers that are convenient to use when dressing or changing the baby’s diaper. The pajamas are perfect for a cold night or if you want your baby to stay warm.

They come in beautiful prints for boys and the prints do not come off after washing. You can machine wash them. The foot has a beautiful tigger design, making them unique and cool. The neckline and cuffs are ribbed. The pajamas are affordable and of great quality.


  • The come in a pair
  • They are affordable
  • The zipper is convenient for a diaper change
  • They feet have a unique trigger design
  • They are warm and soft


  • The baby might outgrow them fast

UNIFACO Baby Girls Boys Footed Pajamas

These cute pajamas are gentle and comfortable for a baby’s skin. They are processed with non-harsh materials for sensitive skin. The pajamas feature a zipper closure design that allows you to do diaper changes quickly without making your baby uncomfortable. The zipper has a snap-over tab to keep the zip away from your baby’s chin.

The anti-slip footies keep your baby stable even when playing. The pajamas are snug-fitting but elastic around the feet to allow your baby to play comfortably. The long sleeves have anti-scratch mittens. These are washed with just cold water and soap, then hang under shade.


  • The snap tab keeps the baby’s chin safe from the zip
  • They are elastic around the legs for play
  • Easy to clean with water and soap
  • It is made of non-harsh materials


  • You might need to size down

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Factors to Consider when Buying Baby Pajamas with Gripper Feet


For baby’s pajamas, the best material is soft, breathable, and comfortable. Your baby should move and play in the pajamas while keeping warm. The materials should be non-harsh, especially for babies with sensitive skin.


Baby pajamas with a  zipper design are convenient when changing a baby’s diaper or clothes. They allow you to change with ease and keep your baby comfortable. The prints should also fit your baby’s gender. There are unisex pajamas and gendered pajamas. The gripper feet should also have a fun and unique design.


When buying baby pajamas with gripper feet, knowing your baby’s size is vital. Many times, parents have ordered sizes that are either too big or too small and ended up disappointed. Also, check with the manufacturer as different brands might have different ways of sizing the pajamas.


Baby’s comfort is important when it comes to bedtime. The pajamas you pick will benefit and help the baby sleep better. Sometimes, it is not the surface the baby sleeps on, but what they wear for bedtime that helps them sleep through the night. Pajamas should be comfortable and cozy for the baby. They should be free and safe for the baby.

Gripper feet provide stability for the baby. If you want affordable pajamas with gripper feet, Simple Joys by Carter’s are a great option for you. These are made from high-quality polyester that keeps your baby warm. They are soft, comfortable and give room for your baby to play before bedtime.

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