4 Bed Rails for Twin Bed Without Box Spring to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Tania Lopez

Children grow so fast that we can’t keep up with the transition. One moment they are tiny enough to fit into a bassinet, then big enough for a baby crib, and now they have outgrown the crib too. To help with the shift from a crib to a bigger bed, bed rails are important.

Bed rails cultivate the discipline for your child’s sleeping habits. They also offer a reminder for your child to remain within the bed’s boundaries. They keep your child safe and give you a less anxious night knowing that your child won’t fall off the bed. If your child’s bed has no spring box, this article covers you with the best options for bed rails.

Bed Rails for Twin Bed without Box Spring Reviews: Top Picks

Milliard Bed Bumper Bed Rail

Milliard Bed Rail is a great rail option for toddlers transitioning from a crib.

It can fit any bed size; single, twin, or a king-size bed. The rails can also work as dividers for co-sleeping. The rail has passed the required safety regulations.

The cover is washable and natural. It is made from natural bamboo and is water-proof. If you want bed rails that you can travel with, this one is portable. The rails are lightweight, making them suitable for traveling. The rails have a non-slip bottom for your child’s safety.


  • It can fit any bed size
  • They can work as dividers for co-sleeping
  • They have a non-slip bottom
  • Suitable for travel


  • They need time to come into shape

Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

These rail bumpers come in pairs. They are perfect for a twin-size bed or any other kind of bed as they give a perfect fit.

They serve as a gentle reminder for your child to move from the edge when they get too close to falling off. The bumpers are uniquely shaped and are a better option than the traditional bed rails.

These rails can be set up without a box spring. They require 3 easy steps to set up. Once you allow the foam to rebound to its original shape, you can cover the mattress with a fitted sheet and your child is good to go. The outer cover of the rails is non-slip silicone and cotton fabric. The fabric can be machine washed.


  • The outer cover is made with silicone and cotton
  • The foam is high density


  • The form needs some time to rebound

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Delta Children Extra Long Foam Rail Bumper

If you are looking for budget rails for a twin bed without a box spring, the Delta children rail bumper is a great option for you.

The rails are made from non-toxic foam. These rails are gentle and remind your child of boundaries so that they don’t fall off the bed. To keep the bed clean, the rails have a removable, waterproof cover that can be machine washed.

After unpacking and unrolling, the rails expand to an extra-long size. The rails feature a beaded silicone top and bottom that is non-slip for your child’s safety. The rails can be set up on the move because they only need a few seconds to be ready for use.


  • This is a budget bed rail
  • They are extra-long
  • The feature beaded silicone anti-slip design
  • They are soft and comfortable


  • The rails do not stick on the mattress

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Hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail

If you need a bed rail for traveling, the Hiccapop Toddler bed rail is a good pick. It has a hand push button that deflates the bed rail into a manageable travel size. It has a travel bag for safekeeping and packing. It can fit into any bed, which makes it great for any bed you find during trips.

The inflatable bed rail has unique features for your child’s safety. It has a flap extension that uses your child’s weight to anchor the bumper firmly on the mattress. Unlike some other rails, this one is stable on the mattress. The rail has been tested for safety and is certified. The rails do not take time to inflate.


  • They are the best for traveling
  • They come with a travel bag
  • They stay firmly anchored on the bed
  • It is deflatable


  • It takes a few breaths to inflate

Buyers Guide- What to Consider When Buying Bed Rails for Twin Bed


Bed rails have different prices according to the brand.

Plan your budget and get the bed rail that fits within your pocket. It is good to go for quality and add a few dollars to the budget instead of foregoing quality for cheap prices.

Bed position

Your child’s bed’s position determines whether you need a pair of rails or just one. If the bed is close to the wall, you require a single rail. If you positioned the bed in the middle, you will need a pair of rails for both sides.


Foam rails are great for beds without spring boxes. They are convenient and easy to set up. The quality of the foam must be good for your child’s comfort. Take note of the cover material and ensure that it is water-proof and washable


This applies mostly when traveling. The bed rail must be convenient for travel. It should be lightweight and portable. Buying a rail that is deflatable is a good option if you like to travel.


Keeping your child safe from falling off the bed is important. It benefits both you and your child. Bed rails help get rid of the anxiety that comes with imagining your child falling off the bed. They are also great when transitioning from a crib to a big bed for toddlers.

Once in a while, when you need to travel with your child, you need to carry the bed rails. Hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail is the best bed rail for travel. It gives you another level of convenience. It keeps your child safe. The bed rail comes in a pair and can be deflated with a button for portability. It also gives you a bonus travel bag to carry the rail.

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