4 Best Crib for Tall Parents to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

When your baby outgrows the bassinet, a baby crib is the next best place for them to sleep in. Your baby’s sleeping place contributes to their growth and health. It is healthy for babies to sleep on comfortable and firm surfaces. A crib provides both safety and comfort for the baby.

There are several types of cribs, including mini-cribs, traditional cribs, and convertible cribs. If you prefer a certain type of crib over the others, it is perfectly safe for your baby. Mini-cribs generally save up on space. Your needs as a parent influence the type of crib you buy for your baby.

The best crib for tall parents is Dream On Me 3 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib. This baby crib is made of strong pinewood and is convertible. The crib features a lightweight frame and is foldable. It is a great crib to carry when going on a trip. The crib also has lockable wheels for safety. It has 3- mattress position heights to benefit both the baby and the parent.

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Best Crib for Tall Parents

Dream On Me 3 in 1 Portable Folding Crib

This baby crib is from Newzealand Pinewood. The crib has a modern design that can be converted from a crib to a playpen to a changing station. It has a rail design that can be assembled within minutes. The frame is lightweight and has a wheel for portability around the house.

If you are looking for a crib you can carry on a trip, this crib has a flat foldable design. The flat design saves up on space in the house or in your car when traveling. The wheels have locking casters for the safety of your baby. It has a 3- position mattress support that favors tall parents.


  • It is made of high-quality pinewood
  • The rail design is quick to assemble
  • It has 3 mattress support positions
  • The foldable design saves on storage


  • It comes with a smell that needs to be aired off

DaVinci Dylan 3-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

This baby crib has gone through thorough tests and is certified to be safe for your baby. Maybe you need a crib that will help you save on space, this is a great option. The crib is foldable and is a great size for small spaces. The crib is also adjustable and can be lowered to allow the baby to grow with it.

The crib is great for a tall parent because you can adjust the height so that you don’t have to strain your back when you bend to get the baby. The crib has an elegant finish from non-toxic paint that is safe for the baby. Any standard-size mattress can fit in this crib.


  • The crib saves on house space
  • It has several mattress adjustments
  • The finishing and paint is non-toxic


  • The crib needs to be exposed to the sun for several hours

Dream On Me Violet Mini Crib

With this crib, your baby gets to have a mini crib, a twin-size bed, and a day-time bed. This is an affordable crib, perfect for you if you are on a budget. The crib is made of pinewood and has a flowing design. The crib occupies minimal space, making it perfect if you are trying to save up on space.

 Another bonus from this budget crib is that it is tested and approved as non-toxic and safe for your baby. It has an adjustable mattress height to favor tall parents and for the baby to grow with the crib. The tools and instructions needed for assembly are included to make it swift for you.


  • It is an affordable crib
  • It is tested for safety
  • It blends in with room furniture
  • It is easy to assemble


  • You cannot use a mattress that is over 2’’ with the crib

Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib

This is a long-lasting baby crib, made from sturdy wood. The convertible crib gives your baby a great time because they can enjoy playing and sleeping with one crib. It is made perfect for your baby when they begin to sit or stand. The crib has adjustable mattress height for the baby’s growth.

It passed all required safety tests and is certified by JPMA. It is 0% toxic as tested and approved. This crib fits any standard size baby mattress. It is easy to put together and only needs a few hours to get rid of the paint smell.


  • It is strong and steady
  • It is tested and approved


  • The screws do not have caps

Factors to Consider when Buying a Crib for Tall Parents


A convertible crib gives your baby several privileges within one crib. For example, you can convert it into a play or day-time bed, a twin-size bed, or a regular crib.


Find out if the crib has an adjustable mattress position. An adjustable mattress position is great for a tall parent, this makes the height of the crib adjustable for your needs. It is also great for your baby because they get to grow with the bed.


Most baby cribs are tested for safety and toxins. However, it is good to confirm and know if the brand is certified by the recognized testing companies.

Mattress Compatibility

Checking whether the bed is compatible with a standard mattress is important. This spares you the stress of searching for a compatible mattress. Standard baby mattresses are readily available in many options.


When buying any baby supplies, safety is the most important factor to consider. Be cautious of cribs and confirm if they are tested and approved. Buying the best crib for tall parents will require you to research the features.

A crib with an adjustable mattress height is great for a tall parent because they get  to adjust how much they have to bend when getting the baby. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib for instance, has an adjustable mattress height and features all the qualities of a good baby crib.

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