5 Best Overnight Pull-Ups for Heavy Wetters to buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Tania Lopez

Kids grow so fast. In no time, we need to potty train our toddlers and that can come in with a handful of challenges. It is essential that we have the necessary products to ease the transition from diapers. Pull-ups come in handy for this time of your baby’s journey.

So, is your baby wetting too much at night during his/her transition to potty training? Or do you need that extra leak protection for your toddler and to feel more at ease knowing that your baby is dry at night? Overnight pull-ups will smoothen things for you.

You are looking for reliable overnight pull-ups for your child. Here are some of the best options.

Best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters reviews.

Huggies Pull-ups night time boys’ training pants

The cartoon theme makes them fun and interesting for your toddler. To ensure that your child is comfortable, they have stretch sides that fit like underwear and slide up and down, making your child independent. Night-time pull-ups have extra absorbency that gives zero leaks and ensures that your baby is dry through the night.

The re-fastenable sides allow you to customize your child’s waistband so that they feel very comfortable and fitting, as well as ensure that you can easily check for soiling. These pants also allow you to change your baby quickly while they still have clothes on.

You will love most the special graphics design of buzz light year from toy stories that fade when wet. This design aids in the learning process for your baby.


  • Extra absorbency
  • Customizable sides
  • Special graphic features
  • Soft and stretchy sides


  • Purchasing them online could decrease the quality of the pull ups during transportation.

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Adhesive Sposie

For a heavy wetting toddler, these pull-ups are a great option. They are 20% more absorbent, making them perfect for a heavy wetter. Sposie adhesives have double pads that enhance the diaper’s absorbency because of their fluff-based construction.

If your child has sensitive skin, the Sposie pads have a smooth and silk feel, suitable for such skin. Furthermore, they are extremely safe for your baby because they are fragrances, latex, chlorine, and phthalates-free.

Babies toss and turn as they grow older. To ensure that the pull-ups stay in place during the night, the pull-ups have an adhesive strip.


  • 20% more absorbency
  • Extra safe
  • Adhesive strip to hold it in place
  • Comfortable for sensitive skin


  • The price has increased within a few months

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Goodnites nighttime bedwetting underwear

These are specially designed for girls with heavy bedwetting. They come in beautiful Disney princess prints that your child will love. They are 40% more absorbent than any other pants. They also come in different sizes. They are extra absorbent with five-layer protection. The discreet odor absorption ensures that your child does not worry about her mess.

If you are specifically trying to get zero leaks, they take care of that with their double leg barrier. During the night, comfort is key for your child. Goodnites pull-ups have a stretchy and soft waistband that allows a fitting and comfortable feel.

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  • Maximum absorbency
  • Odor absorption
  • Minimum leaks
  • Beautiful design prints
  • Very great packaging


  • The side of it could tear up

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Pull ups-New Leaf

Your baby’s skin is your number one concern?  These pull-ups are perfect for sensitive skin. They are made with plant-based, clinically approved ingredients and are the softest pull-ups on the market. They are cotton soft and breathable ensuring your baby’s skin is well taken care of.

If you also want super absorbency for a heavy wetter, they are great because the material they are made of absorbs maximally.  The sides are re-fastenable and the waistband is adjustable, providing a comfortable and secure fit for your little one. The comfortable fitting allows big kid independence.

These pull-ups have exclusive Disney graphics that have a wetness indicator that fades. This makes the learning process easier if you are potty training.


  • Super great for sensitive skin
  • Made from clinically proven materials
  • Comfort fitting
  • Wetness indicator
  • Beautiful design


  • For older kids, the pull ups can leak

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Ninjamans nighttime underwear

You are trying to avoid nighttime wetness for your baby. These pull-ups eliminate overnight leaks. They are designed to absorb wetness quickly and distribute evenly for extra comfort. They will also ensure that your baby stays fresh with their odor-mask technology.

Ninjamans have form fit waistband that stretches at a 360 degree according to your baby’s waist, offering a firm and comfortable feel. They also have a noise cancellation feature that allows discretion while during changing or movement.

For delicate skin, they are made of 0% paraben and latex. They are made of medically approved materials for extra safety.


  • Odor absorbing features
  • 360 degrees stretching waistband
  • Super absorption
  • Noise discretion feature


  • They are scented

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Things to consider when buying overnight pull-ups

  • Absorbency. Ensure that the overnight pull ups have extra absorption that suits a heavy wetter.
  • Fitting. The pull ups should be stretchy enough for a comfortable fit.
  • Additional features. According to your child’s needs, look for features that will take care of the needs.

FAQs about pull-ups for heavy wetters

What is the best age to start using pull-ups?

When your baby starts rolling and crawling, regular diapers are hard to put on. Pull-ups may be easier to put on even when your baby is on the move.

It is also best to use pull-ups if you are about to potty train your toddler. Pull-ups are very effective when potty training your toddler.

What sizes do overnight pull-ups come in?

Most overnight pull-ups come in S/M and L/XL. Depending on your child’s weight, you are sure to get one that fits well.

Are overnight pull-ups more absorbent than normal daytime pull-ups?

Overnight pull-ups have extra absorption features and anti-leaking features to avoid wetness during the night. Some brands make the pull-ups extra absorbent for both daytime and night.

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