6 Best PS3 Games for Kids (5, 7, 9 & 10-Year-Old) to Buy in 2022-Review

Best PS3 Games for kids

Fun and games are a crucial part of childhood. Every kid needs play to thrive. Games are also an amazing way for families to spend time together, and parents to get to know their kids in an easy manner. Do you want to make game time an exciting experience for your kid?

Of course, we still need to keep the kids safe from the pandemic but still engage them in games. Maybe your child is asking for a ps3 so that they can connect with their friends online while playing or they just happened to notice how fun it is from their neighbours’.

Whatever the reason, you must get the best ps3 games for kids on your budget. You don’t want to buy something that will just sit at the back of the closet with no one to play with. And again, you want your child to enjoy playing and have a learning experience altogether.

Best PS3 games for kids 5, 7, 9 and 10 Year Old Reviews


If you are looking for a nice ps3 to keep your 5-year old occupied and have fun, this game is great. It is also pocket friendly in case you are on a budget. If your child enjoys car races and speed, this game is all about that. Your 5-year-old will race against his friends, family and have loads of fun.

With this game, your kid will advance their gaming skills in six thrilling games. Catch air performs many tricks and stunts to get the highest score, so the fun does not end. Also, you can collect and use a variety of power-ups to eliminate as many crashes karts as you want, ensuring you get the highest score.

This game is easy to play even for a 5-year-old beginner. It has a beginner level for first-time users and a rev level for advanced gaming skills. This ps3 gives you and your kid the best gaming experience ever.


  • It is a budget friendly
  • It is beginner friendly
  • Has many game options
  • It has a variety of power ups


  • You cannot go online

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For an older kid age 8-10, this is a perfect choice. Maybe you also want your kid to get creative while having fun playing the game. This one will ensure that your child’s creativity is sharpened. It has an online feature, making it even more thrilling and fun.

This game allows you to craft all game items like armors, tents, and other big structures, hence ensuring that your items are made according to what you desire. Your 8-year-old can play and have fun alone, or with friends. The game has the 2 player and 4 player split screen mode. Furthermore, the game allows up to 8 players online.

It is amazing for beginners because of its super easy amazing tutorial mode where your kid will learn all the tricks and gain confidence and experience before going for the real game. All these amazing features can be enjoyed in this unisex game.


  • It enhances creativity and craft.
  • It can be played alone or with a partner
  • It can go online
  • The game has tutorial mode for training


  • You have to play the tutorial mode in order to play the game well

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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

9-year-old’s are all about superheroes. Maybe your kid loves marvel superheroes like ironman, captain America, hulk, and others, this is a perfect choice for them. Excite your child with this PS3 game that has all their favorite Marvel characters.

It has amazing features that allow one to team up with fellow characters and perform awesome moves on the game. Your kid can also save the world through the characters. It will take him/her to all the iconic places in cinema through the game. It gives your kid the experience of reliving all the great moments of marvel movies.

For a reasonable budget, your 9-year-old gets to unlock unique character capabilities through collecting the gold bricks. Your child can also create their own characters and superheroes for more fun. The game characters have real voices, making the experience even more awesome.


  • Characters have real voices
  • It has many super hero characters
  • It allows one to go to iconic places on marvel movies
  • It has awesome capability unlock features


  • Abilities are not evenly distributed

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Sonic & SEGA all-start- racing PS3

If you are on a tight budget and your 6-year-old kid needs a ps3, this is a perfect choice for them. This game allows your child to play alone or with friends. It can allow up to four players and up to 8 players when online, making it even more fun.

The game has awesome features such as; secret shortcuts, swift handling and avoiding strategically placed obstacles. Each character in the game has unique all-star move that allows competitors to get quickly back into the game. Power-ups and weapons can be collected around the tracks and used against the opposition, ensuring more wins in the game.

This game is fun and amazing not only for 6-year-olds but can also be enjoyed by the whole family during game night. The games are taken from the visually rich and varied universes of Sonic and SEGA.


  • It is a budget ps3
  • It has a multiple players option
  • It has awesome power ups and weapons
  • It can be a family game


  • The tracks with the festival theme are a bit overpopulated

Disgaea 4

This premium edition is bigger, better and more fun. It is a good PS3 for a 10-year-od. The features are better and expect excellent resolution from this game. Its new graphics engine brings the characters to life, utilizing fluid animation and high definition detail.

It also adopts an all-new map creation mode, allowing one to create and share custom maps with other players around the world. Your kid can also design their own pirate ship to invade other players’ worlds. The fun will not stop with this ps3.

If your kid has advanced skills in gaming and has played other disgaea series, this is a must-have for them. The improvements on this one will blow their mind. It is a smart game and allows one to do custom creations.


  • It has advanced upgrades
  • It is a smart game and allows creativity
  • The graphics and resolutions are unbeatable


  • It is pricey if you are on a budget

Sonic generations

This is a great game for kids, especially for a 7-year-old. It is also amazing because of its affordable price for someone on a budget. This exciting game has a new interactive menu system that allows complete immersion with your kid’s favorite character.

Each incarnation of sonic comes complete with his trademark special move, spin dash, and spin attack for more fun. The iconic environments from gaming history come alive in amazing HD for the ultimate adventure. The game uniquely allows you to play any sonic generation that you want.


  • It is a classic game
  • It allows you to play all generations of Sonic
  • It has an online mode
  • It is affordable


  • The final boss can be a headache to defeat
  • Some classic sonic staple themed special stages are missing.

FAQs about PS3

Does it go online?

It is usually indicated if a game can go online or not. Some games have online mode while others do not. The sonic generations, for example, do not go online while others like the LEGO marvels’ can go online. Going online allows more characters, even up to 8 to participate in the game.

Do Ps3 allow multiple players?

Yes, most Ps3 have the option of multiple players, allowing two or four people to play together, for more fun. Some games however like the sonic generations, for example, allow only one player at a time but are still fun and thrilling.

What is the best ps3 for a kid?

The best ps3 must be in good condition and should function perfectly. A great ps3 for a kid should not be too complex to understand. Look for one that is friendly for both beginner and advanced gaming skills. It must also be budget-friendly so that you don’t go way beyond budget when buying it. It must also be something that your kid will enjoy playing.


As great as it must feel to get just the perfect PS3 for your kid, it can also be frustrating if you land on the wrong one, all that money and energy should not go to waste. It is best if you landed on the best PS3 that not only your kid can enjoy, but also the one that you can enjoy as a family.

The Minecraft ps3 is great. It not only allows your child to have fun but also sharpens their craft skills and challenges them to be creative. It has a beginner tutorial that allows your kid to play as they learn. The game can be enjoyed by the whole family and be a learning experience at the same time, very amazing. With all this information, you are going to pick the best ps3 for your child.

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