6 Best Remote Control Car for 4, 5, 8, and 10 year olds to Buy in 2022 (Reviewed)

Best Remote Control Car for 4, 5, 8 and 10 year old

There are many companies that manufacture Remote control cars for kids. So many in fact, that we are spoilt for choice. Most of them have amazing features that could attract us. But what do we really want in a remote control car?  Well, apart from getting your kid what they want, there are other things you want to get right; like the lifespan of the car.

Maybe you have purchased a remote control car before but it wasn’t great and you don’t want to get another disappointment. It is important that you understand the best features and what a good remote control car should have. Nowadays, manufacturing companies go all out in making the design and capabilities of these cars better and more attractive. You will be surprised that some of these cars look like real motor cars.

Best Remote Control Car (Age 4 to10 years)

JEYPOD Remote Control car

This is an amazing beginner RC car for a kid. It is perfect for a 4-year-old. For a young kid, it is important that the car is safe for use. This car is made of non-toxic plastic and great quality electronics that are safe for your kid. It uses a powerful motor to turn on the wheel, it runs at high speed when maximum power is provided.

No need to be concerned about sensitivity, the car is highly sensitive in the events of control. It has remote control abilities even at 80 meters, making it possible to play outdoors. It is made of high-quality tires that provide a strong surface grip and gives the luxury to operate on different surfaces. It comes with 2 rechargeable for the car, and 2 non-rechargeable batteries for the remote.

It is durable and will last your kid a long time. It is water-resistant to small amounts of water. It is made of shock-proof springs, reducing vibration and therefore protecting the car. The front side of the car is modeled with a baffle to prevent collisions hence enhancing durability.


  • It is shock-resistant
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It is shock-proof


  • It is stiff at first but runs smoothly in a short while

KidiRace Remote Control police car                

Does your child like police-themed toys? This is a great choice for them, especially if they are 5 years or older. It is designed to look like a real police car, with a siren and emergency lights. The remote gives the instant response and has child-friendly controls. It also comes with rechargeable batteries and a wall charger for convenience.

It is made of high quality, durable and non-toxic materials. The RC car has unique frequency of 2.4 GHz that allows a smooth drive, a broader range, and less interference. The safety and durability of the car are tested. If you want an RC car to last your child a long time, this one will give value to your money.


  • It has a unique siren and sound features
  • It is durable
  • It is rechargeable


  • It can be tricky to sync the remote to the car

BEZGAR RC Lambo   

Maybe your kid likes supercars and wants to own one, this is a great choice for them. It is licensed by Lamborghini, guaranteeing you that it meets your expectations. This car features a delicate and smooth profile, and a remote controller with multiple functions such as forward, reverse, right, and left turn. The RC is easy to operate.

It is made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic and has a glossy exterior. It stays in good shape after crashes. The car runs freely indoors, thanks to its smooth, flexible wheels with clear patterns, and an independent suspension system to reduce friction. Its excellent frequency provides a wide and stable control range and allows you to race at a speed of up to 4mph.

Even the remote control is specially designed for your child’s safety. It has round edges that will ensure that your child’s hands are well taken care of. The RC car works well indoors and outdoors and runs great on smooth surfaces. This RC car is perfect for a kid 8 years, or older.


  • It has an amazing design with a great glossy finish
  • Easy to control
  • Remote control has child-safety features
  • It is fast and flexible


  • Reverse wheels have an issue

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BEZGAR Remote control truck  

If you are looking for a strong and high-performance RC car for a 9 or 10- year-old, this one will fulfill that need. It is equipped with a 4WD shock-absorber suspension system. Its metal spring shock absorber is independent and adjustable, ensuring that it has a strong collision resistance and a strong shockproof body. If it crashes or rolls, the car will remain intact.

It is equipped with a high-quality RC390 motor that enhances acceleration and allows the car to have an RC speed of 40+ km/h, giving your 10-year-old an awesome driving experience. The tires are made of rubber material that gives better elasticity, wear resistance, chemical stability, and a more powerful grip. The tires are specially designed to prevent misalignment.

The remote provides a long-range control of up to 80 meters, giving a better driving experience. The 2.4GHz frequency allows multiple car racing, side by side without interference. The car gives a great experience on smooth and rough surfaces. It is also great for an indoor and outdoor experience.


  • It is a strong RC car
  • It a has 4WD shock-absorber suspension system
  • The tires are made of rubber
  • It is suitable for smooth and rough surfaces
  • It a has great remote control range
  • It is durable and wear- resistant


  • It does not work well on big obstacles such as tall grass.

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WomToy Remote Control car

For a 6-year-old, this RC car is a good choice. It is a stunt car capable of a 360-degree stunt rotation, 45 degrees sideways drift giving you a great play experience. Each tire is equipped with 7 small pulleys to perform stunts perfectly. It has cool headlights that make it even more fun for kids.

The remote control comes with a built-in battery, rechargeable by a USB charger.  It has a 2.4GHz frequency has non-jamming functions that allow multiple RC vehicles to race simultaneously with no interference.

The wheels are strong and stable enough for any terrain. The car can do difficult climbing easily.   It is good for outdoor and indoor fun and a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. The car is water-proof on small amounts of water enhancing durability. You kid will have an amazing time with this RC car.


  • It has a 360-degree stunt
  • It comes with a rechargeable remote control
  • It is strong and durable
  • It has non-jamming features


  • It takes time to put it together

NQD RC car

This multi-colored, monster truck is a good choice for 7 or 8-year-old. The universal wheels can not only drift in all directions but also rotate 360 degrees. The colorful lights make it irresistibly fun for kids to play with. The RC car is made of high-quality material and an elegant finish, your child will love it.

For a thrilling experience, it has an on-road and off-road mode which makes it possible and easy to drive on all terrains. Double-sided driving makes the car flexible and the fun can continue even if a collision happens. The car can effortlessly drift in all directions. It is amazing for indoor and outdoor fun.


  • The wheels can drift in all directions
  • It is amazing on rough and smooth terrains
  • It is double-sided and flexible


  • It takes time to recharge

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FAQs about Remote Control cars for kids      

What is the advantage of Remote Control Cars?   

Remote control cars are easy to operate. Some remote control cars have a control range of up to 80 meters, making them convenient for use. Your child can have fun driving without having to go under the tables to reach for the car. They give you maximum convenience when playing. They are also fun because some of them do awesome stunts.

How can I tell the best remote control car for my kid?

Most remote control cars have a manufacturer recommendation that will guide you on your choice, according to your kid’s age. Apart from that, you can choose depending on your child’s preference. If your child prefers beast cars or sports cars or any other preference they might have. Also, budget is key in choosing the car for your child.

What are the features of a great Remote control car?    

The best Features of a good Remote control car include; durable wheels, preferably rubber, good remote control range, good battery life, and shock-absorbing features. Great features also include your own personal preference.


With all the information you now have about remote control cars, you can purchase the best one for your child. Within your budget, you will find a car that your kid will love playing with. The BEZGAR RC Lambo is a winner for a remote control car. In addition to its amazing physical body look, it has extra child safety features. You cannot go wrong with a remote control car that has both outdoor and indoor features.

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