5 Best Skateboard for 5 Year old Boy Review in 2022

best skateboard for 5 year old

Has your 5-year-old boy been asking for a skateboard? Or maybe you want to surprise him with a skateboard as a way of getting him to exercise more, unleash his skating skills or you probably are just looking for a fun way to spend time with him. Whatever the reason is, you can’t go wrong on his skateboard, especially if it is his first one.

The best thing is to get as much information about the best skateboard for 5 year boy as possible. This together with taking into consideration what your child likes, your budget, and your own specifications will determine the choice you make. There are many brands that have beginner skateboards, you are sure to find a good one for your child.

Best Skateboard for 5 year old boy

Rude Boyz Graphics beginner Skateboard

It is a perfect beginner skateboard, a must-get when introducing your boy to skating. The 17-inch longboard is the best for a kid who is learning to balance and ride a skateboard. It has a banana shape and has 54mm wide wheels, great bearing and hardware, and a mini-deck making it suitable for a newbie because it gives them better control and balance on the board.

If you want your child to carry it around on his own, he can. The wooden board is lightweight enough for him to carry easily. Your kid will stand out from the rest with this skateboard. Its concave, tapered shape, provides great performance. The fun and original designs of the board also add to its uniqueness.

All these amazing features are meant to give your boy a safe, fun, no-stress beginner skating experience as it should be. As for you who is purchasing it, you do not have to go too deep into your pockets because it is a budget skateboard.


  • It is a beginner friendly
  • It is great for balance
  • The lightweight is kid-friendly
  • Affordable price for great quality
  • Unique design


  • To remove the whole plastic wrap, you must detach the wheels.

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Scientoy Beginner Skateboard.

If you want to get your 5-year-old boy a skateboard that he can begin with and advance in, this is a great choice. The board is designed to suit all levels of skaters. You won’t have to change it when your child advances in his skating journey. With this skateboard, your child will exercise balance to control sliding direction easily. He will enjoy an easy and fast start-up.

You don’t have to worry about the performance of the skateboard because it delivers excellence with its 95A high rebound PU wheels with great bearings that give a great balance and shock absorption. It is suitable for smooth and rough grounds.

Its graphics are thermally transferred and appear real and cool. The board offers a variety of stylish and unique designs for your kid to choose from. It comes with a repair kit that has a multifunctional wrench and screws. The board does not need assembly.


  • It is suitable for all levels of skating
  • It has extra-safety features
  • The graphics are thermal-transferred
  • Comes with a repair kit


  • The bearings need extra lubing

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KIZSBRO Skateboard

Maybe your 5-year-old boy is bigger than most kids his age and the smaller skateboards for 5-year-olds are small for him. This is a good fit for him. It is 7-layered and wooden, making it strong and durable. It is made for a kid who is beginning the skating journey or advancing his skills.

The great quality wheels and ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings deliver good balance and great turning. The board can move in any direction with a slight turn. It is also suitable for both rough and smooth surfaces.

The cool graphics designs are printed with thermal transfer technology to make them look awesome. These designs stand out and make skating even more exciting for your 5-year-old son. The skateboard comes fully assembled, avoiding the stress of having to put it together. For a budget price, this is a great skateboard.


  • It is great for a big kid
  • Great balance and turning
  • Has cool graphics
  • It comes fully assembled
  • It is extra-strong


  • The plastic wrap is hard to remove

PlayWheels Ultimate Spiderman skateboard

If your 5-year-old boy loves Spiderman and cannot stop asking for Spiderman-themed stuff, this skateboard will make his heart bubble. It has awesome Spiderman design graphics that looks awesome, real, and unique. It is a 28-inch skateboard with a thick, durable 9ply maple wood deck. The maple deck has round edges, a small concave, and a double kicktail making it easy to maneuver.

Its wheels and bearings deliver a smooth ride even for a beginner. The composite trucks and steel axles support weights and speed. The clear sand spray top grip keeps your child’s feet in contact with the deck and gives great traction when doing skating tricks.


  • Amazing Spiderman superhero theme
  • It is strong and durable
  • It supports higher weight and speed
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • Gives great traction


  • The wheels can get loose sometimes
  • The deck is not 100% smooth

Beleev Beginner Skateboard    

If you are looking for an all-around skateboard for your 5-year-son, the Beleev skateboard has so many amazing features. It is dual-purpose; both beginner and expert rider-friendly. If your kid I beginning his skating journey and wants to advance to expert, this skateboard will be perfect for him. The board is designed with 5-inch thick aluminum alloy trucks with great capacity and durability.

Your 5-year-old will want to try tricks when skating; for this purpose, the skateboard tail gives him control over their movements and eases braking. It is also suitable for faster speed and effortless turning. For extra safety, the board is equipped with high-density emery non-slip grip tape. The skateboard is lightweight, making it easy for your child to carry anywhere your child will be spoilt for choice because the skateboard is available in multiple colors.


  • It is available in multiple colors
  • It has extra-grip features
  • It is light and easy to carry around
  • It is durable
  • Easy to control


  • It needs regular maintenance


In order to make skating fun, especially if your 5-year-old son is a beginner, you should ensure that your kid’s preferences in color, graphics design, and shape are taken into consideration. It would be dull if you purchased a skateboard that your boy won’t like. Remember, if he likes the skateboard, he is more likely to be excited about skating and learning.

The best skateboard is one that includes safety, fun, and amazing graphics as well as ease in learning. It should also allow your kid to advance in his skating skills. In our listing, I would recommend the Scientoy Beginner Skateboard because it is great for beginning and advancing, it’s durable, has safety features, and comes with a bonus of a repair kit.

Factors to consider when getting a skateboard for a 5-year-old son

Graphics design

5-year-old kids are visual. They will therefore like a skateboard that is cool and attractive. When getting a skateboard for your boy, consider buying the one with his favorite color or his favorite print/superhero. This will make him more excited about skating.


The best skateboard is the one with extra safety features. A skateboard for a 5-year-old boy should ensure that he is safe. Go for the skateboard that has a firm grip on the ground, one that is suitable for both rough and smooth surfaces, and one that keeps his feet on the board through a firm hold.


In order to get value for the money you spend on a skateboard, ensure that the board is made of good quality wood and has multiple layers. It would be great if you got the skateboard that allows beginner and advanced skating.

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