5 Best Video Camera for Kids (8, 9 & 10-Year-Old) to Buy in 2022-Review

Best Video Camera for kids

In current times, the best way to keep memories alive is by recording them in a perfect way. While adults can take pictures or record kids’ memories, the best way to really capture the most exciting moments for our kids is to let them do so themselves with the best video camera for kids.

A great camera is where to start. Kids have many fun and memorable moments that must be captured. Birthdays, school plays, riding bikes, skating, and many more first-time moments. As they grow up, it is awesome if they can recall those memories in perfect photos and videos.

Best Video Camera for 8 to10 Year old

Ourlife kids camera

This budget kids camera is new and upgraded. It is blue in color and has a beautiful outward design that your 7-10-year-old would love. The camera features FHD 1080p/30fps videos and 8mps bright photos, capturing perfectly, the memorable moments. It also has a 2. 4-inch screen, that is large enough for a perfect display.

For more fun, the camera features an awesome self-timer function and strong light suppression. It also detects the face automatically and captures it within 5 seconds. The camera has two complementary fill lights that illuminate dark environments, capturing amazing photos at night. The camera lens is flexible and adjustable to suit your kids’ needs.

This camera allows you to record your favorite videos for two hours straight. It has a large memory of 8Gb, to effectively store all the photos and videos. It is a waterproof video camera and comes with a waterproof case, and can record up to 100 feet underwater. It also has a mounting kit that can be attached to surfaces as desired.


  • It is budget friendly
  • It is waterproof
  • Comes with a versatile mounting kit
  • It can supress strong light


  • The waterproof case buttons are stiff when new

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Vtech Kidizoom Duo selfie camera

If you are looking for a strong camera that can handle drop and some roughness, this is an amazing choice for a kid. It is blue in color and has a 2.4-inch sufficient display for photos and videos. In addition, it has a rear face camera, perfect for selfies.

The camera has amazing photo editors that your kid will not exhaust. It also has amazing games that he/she can play, the games can be parental controlled and motion-controlled. With this camera, your kid will not only capture all the memories but will also have sufficient storage.

The camera also allows your child, to transfer photos and videos easily. It has a USB that transfers photos and videos easily and fast. It also comes with a wristband. For a small budget, this camera is amazing and performs great for kids’ memories.


  • It comes with a wrist band
  • It is a budget camera
  • Comes with a USB for easy transfer of photos


  • The internal memory fills up quickly

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DEKER Kids camera

This camera is waterproof, anti-shock, anti-fall, dustproof, and light, making it perfect for kids to carry anywhere. It allows your child to capture all their moments anywhere, anytime without fear or discomfort. It is easy to operate even for young kids. The camera also has a beautiful sticker and is themed in a kid-friendly way.

It has awesome HD 1080p and 5MP photos, built-in 40 photo frames, 7 color video modes, time-lapse photos, and mini-games for more fun. Your kid can store as many photos as they want. It has a 32GB SD card which can store thousands of photos. It comes with a large-capacity rechargeable battery and a USB cable.


  • It is anti-shock and anti-fall
  • It has a large storage capacity
  • The battery is large and rechargeable
  • It has great quality photos


  • It does not produce sound

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Instant print camera

If you desire a camera that will take pictures, record videos, and also print, this is a perfect choice for your kid. It is a 3-in-1 design that allows your kid to record, take pictures and print them instantly. This camera is easy for kids to operate and achieve great pictures in simple settings.

It has a 2.4-inch large screen, 12mp photo shooting, 180-degree rotating camera, 1080p video recording, cyclic recording, and many more amazing features. The 180-degree rotating feature allows your kid to take photos at all angles and also record videos easily.

It has large storage that takes up to 8000photos and unlimited videos that your child can hardly exhaust. The battery is large, rechargeable, and allows recording time of up to 4 hours. The camera also comes with three rolls of the printing paper that allows kids to print in black white and paint the photos with color pencil. This sharpens their imagination and creativity.


  • It has a photo printer
  • The battery has large capacity
  • It comes with printing paper
  • It has great quality photos
  • It has a large storage capacity


  • The printed pictures loose quality

Kimire Camera

Maybe your child has a YouTube channel and needs a camera. This camera allows them to take photos and videos and upload them on YouTube. It can be used as a webcam when connected to a computer. It can also be used for video calls with family and friends.

It has a great video resolution of 1080p, 24M image resolution, 16X digital zoom, and a camcorder with fill light. The camera has a 3-inch display that supports a 270-degree rotation. It captures perfectly because it is an anti-shake, has a self-timer and pause function.

It has a USB to connect it to the computer, and AV to connect it to the television for videos. It also comes with two NP-FV5 batteries that give up to 90 minutes of recording time. It supports up to 128 GB SD card and supports a tripod.


  • It can go online
  • It has great quality photos and videos
  • It has a large display
  • It comes with two batteries


  • It does not have colour varieties

Factors to Consider When Buying a Camera for Your Kid


A great camera should have sufficient storage. This is to avoid limiting the number of photos or videos your kid takes. Large storage will make sure that your child keeps all the great memories recorded during fun days.


It is essential to consider your budget when buying a camera for your kid. There are many cameras at different prices. Although a small budget gets you a lower quality camera, there are many budget cameras with great features.


Consider the purpose of the camera when buying one. If your kid needs a camera that can upload videos on YouTube, you need to purchase a camera that is able to fulfill that specific need.


Keep in mind all the features you want in a camera, and then get the one that meets all your needs. Sometimes, it is better to go a little beyond your budget, in order to get the best camera for your kid. Also, ensure that you engage your kid when purchasing the camera, to ensure that they are comfortable using it.

A good kid camera is one that will take quality videos and photos, has sufficient storage and is resistant to water, dust and can withstand a fall. The Deker kid’s camera has all these essentials and is an amazing choice, depending on your needs.

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