Can Baby Wear Hoodie in Car Seat? 

 October 2, 2022

By  Antonia Gorman

When travelling with a baby, safety comes first. A baby’s car seat is safe as long as you strap your baby up tight in the seat. Anything that hinders the tightness of the straps should not be worn for safety purposes. You are required to keep the baby warm when travelling. Your baby might get cold through the wind during motion.

Babies can wear a hoodie in the car seat. As long as the hoodie is not too bulky to prevent the straps from being safely tight on your baby. To enhance safety, the hoodie should be cotton or made on non-slippery material. Also, ensure that the car seat straps are firmly secured around the shoulders. Hoodies are a good way of keeping the baby warm during travel.

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How to Keep Baby Safe in the Car Seat when Wearing a Hoodie

As mentioned earlier, it is okay to let your baby wear a hoodie in the car seat. Your job is to firmly secure them in the car seat harness. Ensure that the hoodie material is anti-slip. Also, the material should not be thick. The best material for a hoodie is cotton if you want to use it for travel in a car seat. Second, when getting the straps over the shoulders, lift the hoodie to get a firm grip around your baby’s shoulders.

Can a Baby Wear a Winter Coat in a Car Seat?

Winter coats can compromise your baby’s safety in a car seat. They are not safe. It is not recommended for a baby to wear a winter jacket in a car seat. This is because winter jackets are bulky. The car seat harness, therefore, does not secure your baby as tight as required. Your baby can slip out in case of a car crash.

Most winter jackets are made of slippery material, making them unsafe in a car seat. The slipperiness added to the fact that the harness is not tight makes it even riskier for your baby during travel. You can test whether your baby is safe with a winter jacket in a car seat, but it would be better to remove their jacket.

How to Keep Baby Warm in a Car Seat

Now that you know winter coats are not a great option for a baby in the car seat, there are other alternatives to keep your little one warm. There are warm clothes, jackets and ponchos designed for car seats.

Invest in mittens, ponchos, hats, sweaters, warm pants and blankets that do not interfere with the safety of the car seat. Mittens, hats and ponchos are generally safe for the baby because they are made of anti-slip materials. In case it is really cold, you can put a blanket over the car seat after harnessing your baby.

How to Secure a Baby in a Car Seat

Start by dressing up your baby in a warm hat, mittens and sweater and place your baby on the car seat. Position the baby well, such that their back is against the shell of the car seat. Next, get the harness straps on your baby and buckle them according to the seat’s manual. After buckling, tighten the straps to get a firm hold on the baby.

Safety tip: to affirm that the harness is tight enough, try pinching the straps around the shoulders. For the harness to be secure, you should not pinch any material between your fingers.

How to Keep your Baby Comfortable During Travel

Keeping your baby comfortable is important especially on long trips. What makes most babies uncomfortable is the heat. If you decide to put a blanket over your baby, do not cover their face. Depending on the temperature, remove the blanket partially, to prevent overheating. Remember to cover your baby when you lower your car windows to shield them from the wind.


Is it Okay to Dress my Baby in a Hoodie in a Car Seat?

It is okay for a baby to wear a hoodie in a car seat. The hoodie should be preferably cotton or anti-slip material. It should not be thick. Hoodies keep the baby warm when travelling.

What Clothes should I Dress my Baby to Keep them Warm?

During cold season, invest in fleece blankets, hats, mittens, ponchos, sweatpants and sweaters. These are essential supplies for babies in the cold season. A car blanket is also important, especially when travelling.

Why do Toddlers Kick off the Blanket Over the Car Seat?

It is probably because they feel too hot. This is a way to keep themselves comfortable and to cool if they overheat.

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A car seat is only effective for the baby’s safety if your baby is securely harnessed. Anything that interferes with this should be avoided. During winter, the winter coats could compromise the baby’s safety in the car seat. They are bulky and leave space between the baby’s shoulder and the straps. Hoodies are a good alternative to keep the baby warm during trips.

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