Do You Need a Mattress For a Bassinet? 

 October 2, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

Your baby needs to be comfortable with what they sleep on. If your baby sleeps on the bassinet, it should have a good mattress. A bassinet is a necessity, especially for newborns. It gives a new mom comfort to have their baby beside them. Sleeping close to the baby allows you to check on them regularly.

You need a mattress for a bassinet. Although most bassinets come with their own mattress, you might not be satisfied with the quality of the mattress. In most cases, purchasing a mattress for a bassinet follows with the need to have a better quality or cleaner mattress for the baby.

Reasons to Buy Mattress for Bassinet

You may be wondering why it is necessary to buy a mattress for bassinet if the bassinet comes with one. Many bassinets come with a pad that looks like a mattress. This pad might be too thin for your baby to lay comfortably on it. You need a mattress on top of the pad to keep your baby comfortable.

Another reason to buy a mattress for a bassinet is for baby hygiene. If the current mattress has been used for a while, it may be worn out or dirty. Buying a new bassinet mattress ensures that your baby sleeps on a clean surface.

What Should I Look For in a Bassinet Mattress?

When buying a bassinet mattress, you need to know the features to look for. These are some of the key features that a bassinet mattress should have:

The material

A bassinet mattress should be made of good quality material. The material should feel comfortable and soft. Baby’s skin is sensitive to materials. It is good to check if the material can irritate the baby’s skin.


Your baby’s safety comes first. A bassinet mattress should be firm to support your baby. Soft mattress can be life threatening for your baby because they might suffocate. When buying a bassinet mattress, check whether it is firm by checking for indents after your baby lies on the mattress.


You need to ask yourself whether the bassinet mattress is compatible with the bassinet. When buying the mattress, take a keen look at the size and shape of the bassinet. You can carry the bassinet to the store if you have to so that you get that perfect fit.

Quality and Durability

Your baby should outgrow the mattress. If you do not want to keep going back to the store for a new mattress, watch out for quality. The quality of a bassinet mattress is determined by the materials used to manufacture it. You can tell from the firmness and outer material whether the bassinet is of good quality or not.

Easy to clean

It should be washable. Bassinet mattresses with removable covers are the best because they are easy to clean. The material of the cover should be waterproof to prevent staining and to protect the mattress from liquids. The material should also resist stains to maintain it clean.

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Where can I Buy a Bassinet Mattress?

Baby stores that sell bassinets also stock bassinet mattresses. You can check whether your nearest baby store has them. The online shops also have bassinet mattresses. You can buy from your trusted online store. Check out these amazing bassinet mattress on Amazon:

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Can a Bassinet Mattress Help my Baby Sleep Better?

If your baby has become more restless and does not sleep as they used to, it could be the mattress. It is hard for a baby to sleep when they are uncomfortable. A good quality bassinet mattress can change things and help your baby sleep better. The mattress provides firm support and gives comfort for your baby to sleep.

Which is the Best Sleeping Position for a Baby?

On their back. This is the best sleeping position for a baby. Babies get the best support when they are sleeping on their back. If your baby starts to roll over, you can put them on their back when you wake up to check on them.

What Else do I Need for My Baby’s Bassinet?

After buying a mattress for your baby’s bassinet, you can add other supplies such as:

  • Bassinet petticoat
  • Bassinet beddings like bedsheets
  • Bassinet bumper
  • Additional mattress protector


A bassinet mattress keeps your baby comfortable while they sleep. Replacing the bassinet pad with a nice mattress is a good idea for your baby’s comfort. When buying a bassinet mattress, ensure that it is firm for the safety of your baby. As we have mentioned, a soft mattress is not good for your baby.

To be sure that the mattress is durable, check the outer cover’s quality and its firmness. Waterproof mattress is the best to protect the mattress from stains and wetness. As you buy a bassinet mattress, remember to buy some beddings as well to keep your baby comfortable as they sleep on their back.

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