How Long do Baby Food Pouches Last after Opening? 

 October 2, 2022

By  Lucy

When it comes to purees, food pouches are the baby’s favorite. Baby food pouches are a great option especially when you are on the go. You can pack them in the baby bay like any other baby supplies you may need. Food pouches are tasteful and are good if your baby has not started on solid foods. They are easy to feed on.

Baby food pouches should last for 24 hours. However, when your baby comes into contact with the food pouch, it should be discarded after use. If your baby does not finish a full food pouch, consider feeding them from a bowl and not directly from the pouch to save on food.

Baby Food Pouch Storage Recommendation

Baby food pouches that have not been opened may be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Vegetable food pouches can be stored for up to two days. Food pouches that have been opened should be consumed within 24 hours.

Babies are sensitive and we should be careful with what we feed them. To prevent stomach issues, it is good to give them food pouches that are as fresh as possible. Opened food pouches are a hideout for bacteria to build up and could hurt the baby’s stomach. It is also good to discard pouches that have been in direct contact with your baby’s mouth.

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Can I Store My Baby’s Leftovers?

If you made your baby some delicious homemade food and she only ate two bites, you may consider storing the baby food. However, remember that bacteria builds up fast when the food has been in contact with your baby. It is better to discard the leftovers than to store them. Feeding your baby leftovers could do more harm than good to your little one.

Proper Handling of Baby’s Food

Feeding a baby involves constant food handling. Before and after preparing your baby’s food, wash your hands as thoroughly as you can. Remember to sterilize the utensils used to make the baby food. Wash as thoroughly as you wash milk storage bottles.

Washing hands before and after handling the baby’s food minimizes the risk of contamination. When making baby food or formula, it is best to make only the amount you will need for a feed, especially if you are not sure how to refrigerate the food. Baby food goes bad mainly because of poor refrigeration.

When traveling with baby food pouches, store them in a separate bag or container. Avoid mixing the food pouches with diapers, baby wipes, or lotion. This is to eliminate the chances of contamination. Make sure that food pouches do not mix up with used diapers that are waiting to be disposed of.

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Are Baby Food Pouches Healthy?

Baby food pouches are a convenient meal for the baby especially when you need a quick meal when the baby is fussing because of hunger. They contain some healthy vegetables like kale which have nutritional value.

Baby food pouches do not replace real food. They should only complement baby food. Here are some nutritious organic baby food pouches you can order today:

How do Baby Food Pouches Affect Baby’s Eating Habits?

If your baby gets used to eating purees from food pouches, they may develop a taste for purees. It may make it hard to introduce real food to them. Your baby might find it hard to take solids or thick liquids once they are used to sucking or being spoon-fed food pouches.

It is good to give your baby more real vegetables or foods instead of food pouches. The liquid state of food pouches might also not satisfy your baby completely and could cause them to overeat. It is recommended that you give your baby different food textures so that they are not programmed to like only one texture.

The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Food Pouches

Do not store food pouches that have been in contact with the baby’s mouth

Do not give your baby a food pouch if they are not hungry. If your baby is crying, calm them down without giving them a food pouch

Use food pouches only occasionally, for example when going on trips or a picnic with your baby

Make it a habit to feed food pouches from a bowl with a spoon instead of letting your baby suck

Store food pouches separately from other baby supplies in your diaper bag


Baby food pouches are a reliable meal on the go for your baby. They have nutritional benefits because they contain vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious content. They are an easy-to-pack meal for the outdoors. For babies who are yet to eat solids, food pouches are great.

Remember to be cautious about how you handle food pouches as they could result in food poisoning for your baby if mishandled. Once your baby’s mouth has come into contact with the food pouch, the leftovers should be discarded. Food pouches that have been opened should be consumed within 24 hours.

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