How To Get Diaper Cream Out Of Cloth Diapers | Actionable Tips & Tricks! 

 April 17, 2023

By  Antonia Gorman

As a parent of two adorable little ones, I know firsthand how messy diaper changes can get. Changing diapers is a regular part of a new parent's routine. But what happens when diaper cream gets on your cloth diapers? It can be a nightmare to remove, and if not dealt with properly, can leave stains and build-up.

Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. That's why I've spent countless hours researching and testing various methods to get rid of stains caused by diaper creams on cloth diapers. And in this post, I'll be sharing my tried-and-true tips with you.

So, if you're dealing with a stubborn diaper cream stain, sit back, relax, and let me guide you through getting your cloth diapers clean and stain-free again.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a cloth-safe diaper cream: Avoid diaper creams with ingredients like petroleum, paraffin, cod liver oil, and calamine, which can cause staining and repelling issues with your cloth diapers.
  • Use fleece liners: Fleece liners can help prevent diaper cream from getting on your cloth diapers in the first place, making cleanup a lot easier.
  • Scrub with Dawn: If you do end up with diaper cream stains, try scrubbing with Dawn dish soap and hot water to break down the oils.
  • Soak in white vinegar: For repelling issues, soak your cloth diapers in a solution of white vinegar and hot water to help break down any build-up.
  • Sun your diapers: For stubborn stains or discoloration, hanging your cloth diapers in the sun while they're still wet can help naturally bleach out any remaining marks.

How to Prevent Stubborn Stained Area on Cloth Diapers in the First Place?

Did you know that dealing with stains caused by diaper rash creams promptly can actually save you a lot of headache in the long run? By applying a thin layer of "cloth safe" diaper rash cream and using fleece liners, you can prevent diaper cream from getting onto your cloth diapers in the first place.

And if a little bit of rash cream does happen to get onto the diaper, don't wait to clean it up with dish soap immediately! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stain. So, act fast and follow my tips for getting rid of stains caused by diaper creams – your cloth diapers (and sanity) will thank you!

Some Helpful Tips to Get Diaper Rash Creams out of Cloth Diapers

When you’re dealing with cloth diapers, it can be even more of a hassle to get diaper rash cream out of them. But fear not, because I have some tips and tricks to help you out!

First things first, when applying diaper cream to your little one, make sure to use a thin layer of “cloth safe” diaper rash cream. This will help prevent any excess cream from getting onto the cloth diaper in the first place.

But sometimes accidents happen, and diaper rash cream gets onto the diaper. That’s where fleece liners come in handy! Using reusable diaper liners between your baby’s bottom and the cloth diaper can help prevent the cream from transferring onto the diaper.

If you do end up with diaper cream on your cloth diaper, don’t panic! My first go-to solution is to put them in a sink full of very (very) hot water and put dawn directly on the areas where the cream has gotten onto the diapers. Then, I scrub the insides and outsides of the pockets with a nail brush and rinse, rinse, rinse.

If that doesn’t work and the diapers are still repelling, it may be the zinc oxide in the cream that’s causing it. In that case, try soaking the pockets in white vinegar, then rinsing them again in hot water. This should take care of the repelling, but if there’s still some discoloration, try hanging them in the sun while they are still wet.

Baby diaper closeup

And there you have it! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get diaper cream out of your cloth diapers in no time. Don’t let the fear of diaper cream stains stop you from using cloth diapers – they’re better for the environment and your baby. Plus, they’re just so darn cute!

Cloth diapers drying outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove cream diapers from cloth?

If a little bit of cream does get onto the diaper, put the diaper in a sink full of very hot water and scrub the affected area with dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. If the diaper still has a residue, try soaking it in white vinegar and then rinsing it again in hot water. Don't forget to hang the diaper in the sun while it's still wet to remove any remaining discoloration.

How do you get zinc diaper cream out of cloth diapers?

To get zinc diaper cream out of cloth diapers, use rubbing alcohol. Spray alcohol on the stain and run it under cold water, adding more alcohol as needed. This method is particularly effective for diaper creams that contain Zinc Oxide, such as Desitin. With a little bit of rubbing alcohol and cold water, your cloth diapers will be as good as new!

Can you use diaper cream with cloth diapers?

You can definitely use diaper cream with cloth diapers while treating diaper rash. However, it's important to choose the right kind. Make sure to avoid petroleum based diaper creams or creams that contain zinc, as these ingredients can cause staining and repelling issues with your cloth diapers. 

Instead, opt for a cloth-safe diaper cream or balm that's made without these ingredients. With the right product, you can keep your baby's bum rash-free and your cloth diapers in tip-top shape.

What diaper creams to avoid for cloth diapers?

To avoid these issues, it's best to steer clear of diaper creams that contain petroleum/petroleum jelly, paraffin, cod liver oil, and calamine. Instead, look for a cloth-safe diaper cream that's free from these problematic ingredients.

Basket with colorful cloth diapers


As someone who's used cloth diapers, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with stains and repelling issues caused by diaper creams. But with the right knowledge and tools, you can easily avoid these problems and keep your diapers in great condition.

Remember to choose cloth-safe diaper creams without ingredients like zinc oxide, petroleum, paraffin, cod liver oil, and calamine. And if you do end up with stains or repelling issues on your little one's cloth diaper, don't worry! You can try some of the tips that I've had discussed, like using fleece liners or soaking your baby's cloth diaper in white vinegar.

With a little patience and persistence, you can get your cloth diapers looking and working like new again. So go ahead, give it a try and see the difference it makes!

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