Is Hempz Lotion Safe for Babies? (What Moms Say) 

 October 1, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

Keeping the baby’s skin moisturized is important because the baby’s skin is vulnerable and dries out more often than we notice. Investing in a great moisturizer for your baby’s skin is part of keeping your baby healthy. Dry skin is prone to sensitivity and skin issues. There are several ways to moisturize a baby’s skin. Bathing the baby, using oils and lotions are among the ways to moisturize.

Hempz lotion is safe for babies. A baby’s moisturizer should be made from non-toxic materials. It should be as natural as possible. The hempz lotion is made from seed extracts and other plant-based materials that are safe for all ages. The hemp lotion is a rich source of much-needed moisture for your baby’s skin.

Why is hempz lotion safe for babies?

The Hempz lotion is made from hemp seed extracts. The hemp seed extracts hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. Hempz products also use natural ingredients such as shea butter which is a great skin conditioner and coconut oil. The products are all naturally derived. This is why Hempz lotion stands out and is a good moisturizer for the baby’s skin.

Hempz Lotion for Baby

There are varieties of Hempz lotions. Check out this Hempz lotion that can be used on a baby’s skin:

Is Hemp the same as Marijuana?

Some people fear using hemp products because they think it is marijuana. Although Hemp and marijuana belong to the same plant family, they are different. Hemp does not have THC. The ingredient that makes a person high is excluded from hemp. It is safe to use a product with hemp on your baby.

Is Powder Good for my Baby?

Baby experts recommend that you avoid using powder on the baby. Powder causes health risks because the baby can easily inhale the powder into their lungs. If you need to use powder, do it cautiously. Gently rub it on your hands, then clap off the excess powder from your hands before using it on the baby.

Bath Time for Baby

Bathing your baby 3 times a week is sufficient. As opposed to older kids and adults, babies do not require a bath every day. Bathing your baby every day may strip her skin off natural oils that are essential for healthy skin. However, it is important to keep your baby’s diaper area regularly clean.

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Gentle Products for Babies

Babies younger than a year are delicate. When choosing baby products, it is good to go as natural as possible. There are products formulated specifically for young babies. These products contain less toxic materials. Make it your routine to study ingredients before buying a baby product. It is also good to do prior research about the ingredient.

Diapers are part of baby products that are in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Choosing the best diaper for your baby could save your baby’s skin from diaper rashes and irritation. Other baby products such as soap and shampoo should also be gentle and have health benefits for your baby’s skin.

Are Birthmarks Harmless?

Most birthmarks are harmless. Most babies have permanent birthmarks. You should not worry about birthmarks unless you notice that the birthmark is changing. If the birthmark appears like a knot or a rush, it is good to go to the doctor.

How to Deal with Diaper Rash

If you have noticed a frequency in your baby getting diaper rash, maybe it is time to change the type of diaper they wear. There are great diapers for sensitive skin. Also, do more regular diaper changes. Some diapers turn blue when wet to alert you about changing time. Diaper rashes usually go away within days and can be eased with an over-the-counter cream.

How to Apply Lotion on the Baby

Before applying lotion on the baby’s skin, give them a good bath. Dry your baby with a soft towel that is gentle on their skin. This will leave the skin dry but moist, perfect, and ready for lotion. Apply baby lotion on their skin and massage them in a circular motion, gently. Massaging your baby not only distributes the lotion effectively on their skin but also is a way of relaxing your baby and bonding with them.


Skincare for babies is a delicate affair. It requires scrutiny for the products used. The Hempz lotion is safe for a baby’s skin. It gives healthy skin benefits. Hemp oil is a great skin hydrator. The baby’s skin dries out a lot and needs moisture regularly. Lotioning is a greatly effective way to keep your baby’s skin moisturized. When buying lotion for a baby’s skin, research the ingredients and their benefits for your baby’s skin. Staying away from toxic ingredients keeps your baby’s skin safe and healthy.

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