3 Kick Mat for Rear Facing Car Seat to Buy in 2023– Reviews 

 August 21, 2022

By  Tania Lopez

When your little ones are so playful and active in the car, you know your car seats are not safe. To protect your car seats while allowing your kids to enjoy their time in the car, you need a cover for the seat.

There are several options to protect your car seats, but one of the best options is to get a kick mat for rear facing car seat. These are car seat armor against mud, dirt, kicks, snacks, or liquids. They are a must-have for your car seats. They keep the car clean and organized.

Kick Mat for Rear Facing Car Seat Review: Top Picks

Novoe Back Seat Protector

These are large protectors that cover the whole car seat. They are suitable for SUVs or cars with large seats or even minivans. It has heavy-duty and elastic straps to fit all seats. The straps are convenient for the people seated in front because they can’t be felt. The kick mats are made of great quality and durable materials.

If you want to compliment your car’s interior design, these mats feature a sleek, stylish design that fits well with a car’s interior. The kick mats are water-proof to protect your car seats. Cleaning these kick mats is a breeze because you only need a damp cloth and you are good to go. For a good price, you get two great quality mats.


  • They fit into large car seats
  • The sleek design complements a car’s interiors
  • They are easy to clean


  • The stitching on the strap is a little loose

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KangoKids Kick Mats

KangoKids mats come in a pair. These kick mats are made with heavy-duty nylon and have double stitching that can withstand any daily use pressure. The mats are extra-large to cover the whole seat even for large seats. The kick mat is water-proof and stain-resistant. It keeps your car seats clean and protected.

If you want extra storage for your car, these mats have three deep mesh pockets. You can neatly store toys, snacks, books, and drinks in these pockets. These kick mats not only blend in with your car’s interiors but also help keep your car organized. The mats can be machine washed.


  • They are made of heavy-duty nylon
  • They cover the whole seat
  • They have deep storage mesh pockets
  • They can be machine washed


  • The static line is not long enough to allow the clip to be at the front of the seat

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Turbo Car Kick Mats Back Seat Protector

With the Turbo kick mats, you will be getting full seat coverage with a snug fit. The durable and high-quality materials give the seat a stylish and sleek design to perfect your car’s interior. They work for every car seat, whether it’s a jeep wrangler or a saloon car. The material is waterproof to protect your seat.

The kick mats have easy installation. They feature long adjustable straps. The bottom straps can be tucked in the seat to avoid disturbing the driver. The straps hold the mats in place, and you do not have to re-adjust. The mats can be cleaned with wipes or can be machine washed.


  • They are fitting for all cars
  • The straps are long
  • Bottom straps can be tucked into the seat
  • The installation is easy


  • Long straps

Buyers Guide- What to Consider When Buying Kick Mat for Rear Facing Car Seat


The kick mat should fit your car seats. More importantly, it should cover the whole seat to protect it. When buying a kick mat, check whether they can fit most car seats or your car seat.


The material should be of good quality and should be durable. The kick mat material should be waterproof to protect the seats against liquids and mud. look for the kick mat that can need a quick wash and that is easy to maintain.


If the kick mat has adjustable straps, it is a good pick. Adjustable straps allow you to fit the kick mat snuggly to your car seat. A snug fit makes the kick mat stable so that you do not have to keep readjusting.


There are kick mats with pockets. These pockets offer extra storage for your car. If you need extra storage for books, toys, or snacks, get the kick mat with pockets.


Kick mats are important to protect your car seats from the kid’s kicks and playfulness. They help you maintain car tidiness. They save you the hassle of cleaning your car seats regularly. They also maintain the quality of your car interiors and add a stylish taste to it.

If you are looking for kick mats made with strong material, KangoKids Kick Mats are great. They are made of great quality nylon and also have double stitching for durability. They have deep mesh pockets for that much-needed extra storage and serve your need to protect your car seats.

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