Best Pull-Ups Bigger than 5t With Extra Absorbency in 2023 

 September 30, 2022

By  Tania Lopez

Pull-ups bigger than 5t are alternative bedtime underwear for babies.

Bedwetting for babies is normal and common all over the world. However, most parents struggle to find pull-ups that will prevent leakage. We all know leakages are a disaster for your baby’s beddings. Furthermore, leakages can cause skin rashes if the baby’s skin is sensitive.

It is unfair for your child to wake in the morning on a mess that can be prevented by getting effective pull-ups. By just getting the right pull-ups, you will give your baby a comfortable time playing during the day, and a goodnight’s sleep. Your baby will wake up feeling dry and fresh.

Best Pull-ups bigger than 5t: Top Picks

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

These pull-ups are great for leakage protection, especially at night. They are big enough to fit a big kid and even an adult. If you are looking for nighttime wear that will help your kid wake up feeling dry and happy, these will do just that and more. They are disposable pull-ups that come in your kid’s favorite cartoon design.

Goodnites pull-ups have double leg barriers, making them effective in preventing leakage. They also feature five-layer protection that is quick to absorb, the five-layer protection is capable of absorbing lots of liquid, hence preventing leakage.

These diapers are designed to give a comfortable fit. They fit any body shape and the waistband is super stretchy and fits perfectly and comfortably. If you want to prevent odor, these pull-ups are great at odor absorption. Your kid will smell fresh all time.


  • The pull-ups give maximum leakage protection
  • They fit all shapes
  • They give a firm and comfortable fit
  • They can absorb odor maximumly


  • They are only cartoon themed

Pampers Ninjamas

These pull-ups are all-night leakage protection for boys. Your child will wake up feeling dry and happy. Pampers Ninjamas are high-quality pull-ups made from paraben and latex-free materials and are ideal for your child’s sensitive skin. They come in a beautiful printed design that is fun.

The pull-ups also absorb wetness and lock it away pretty fast. They have maximum absorption capabilities and are perfect for nighttime protection. These diapers also have an odor mask that prevents odor. You kid will wake up feeling fresh and dry. Preventing bedwetting messes for your boy is made easier.

The waistband has a 360-degree sleek design that allows free movement for your kid and gives a comfortable and tight fit. they cannot fall off if your kid likes moving around. The pull-ups are made of a clothing material that cancels noise during your baby’s movement. They are breathable and keep the baby’s skin cool like cotton pants.

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  • They are good for sensitive skin
  • The waistband is flexible and comfortable for movement
  • They keep the baby dry and fresh for long
  • Maximum leakage protection features are there


  • Gel beans appear on baby’s skin but they are harmless

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Pampers Easy Ups

If you are looking for pull-ups that will give you an easy time when changing your baby, the pampers easy-ups have easy tear sides for fast-changing. These pull-ups are unisex and come in a pack of 80 diapers. They have a fun and beautiful PJ masks cartoon theme design that will appeal to your baby.

The pull-ups are armed with dual leak barriers that prevent any leakages. They also have great absorption capabilities, the absorb wetness fast and effectively. The absorption channels are powerful enough for both day and night. The pull-ups protect your kid all night long without any leakage or odor.

They are made of soft materials that are friendly to the baby’s skin. These pull-ups give your child’s sensitive skin the easiest time. Thanks to paraben-free, latex-free, chlorine-free manufacturing, your baby’s skin is safe. They fit comfortably because the waistband has a 360-degree stretchy design.


  • The pull-ups facilitate a quick changing experience
  • They are effective in absorption and keeping the baby dry
  • They are made from cotton soft materials
  • They come in a beautiful cartoon theme
  • They are safe for sensitive baby skin


  • The baby cannot pull them down if he has an accident

Factors to consider when buying pull-ups bigger than 5t


Pull-ups are best for bedwetting at night. If you are going to get your child pull-ups, they have to be good at absorption. Heavy pull-ups do not automatically mean that they can absorb well. It is good that you know whether the pull-up can absorb effectively. The pull-up should also be fast in absorbing.

Sensitive skin

The Baby’s skin is super sensitive. But some babies have more sensitive skin and easily get rashes from diapers. The diaper you buy should be made from natural materials that are great for the baby’s skin. The pull-ups should be free of paraben, chlorine, latex, and other materials that could harm the skin. The diapers should be made of cotton soft materials.


A big kid loves to move around. When in pull-ups, your kids need to move around so freely that they barely notice they are wearing pull-ups. First, the waistband of an ideal pull-up should be a 360-degree design to allow movement. The legs should give a firm fit for leakage protection, but also allow movement.


Pull-ups bigger than 5t are great for kids and keep the baby dry especially at night. Good pull-ups must prevent leakage and be comfortable for the baby to sleep and walk around with. You can easily tell if a certain pull-ups brand will work for you. It is important to remember that the baby’s skin is delicate and one should be careful in buying the pull-ups.

The Pampers Ninjamas is a great choice for pull-ups because they have amazing absorption capacity. They also have a feature that masks the odor, leaving your baby fresh and comfortable. With these pull-ups, your baby feels comfortable, free and changing is fun because of the cartoon theme print.

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