4 Best Pull ups for sensitive skin to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

A baby’s sensitive skin requires delicate care. This means that one has to be careful with all the baby products used on a baby with sensitive skin. This is no exception when it comes to pull-ups. They have to be natural and friendly for a bay’s sensitive skin.

If you are trying to avoid rashes and discomfort, maybe it’s time you switched from any regular pull-ups to pull-ups for sensitive skin. This review features some of the best pull ups for sensitive skin, made from eco-friendly materials that are ideal for sensitive skin. These pull-ups give comfort and protection to your baby.

Best Pull ups for sensitive skin

Huggies Special Delivery

This is a plant-based diaper special designed for your baby’s sensitive skin. These plant-based materials are hypoallergenic. They have undergone and passed all dermatological tests. The materials on these diapers are free of any paraben, chlorine bleach, lotion, and fragrance, making them perfect for your baby’s skin.

Furthermore, the outer cover on the diapers is breathable. Your baby’s skin is kept comfortable and healthy due to the free flow of air, allowed by the diaper’s outer cover. The maximum airflow also keeps the baby dry all the time. The diapers have a wetness indicator for you to know when it’s time for a change.

Huggies special delivery diapers provide up to 12 hours of protection for your baby. The diapers are designed to lock away moisture. They absorb fast and effectively. The flexible waistband is back pocketed to prevent blowouts. The leg cuffs help keep the mess in the diaper and prevent any leakages.

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  • The diapers are made from natural materials
  • The upper air allows air circulation on the baby’s skin
  • Gives up to 12 hours of protection
  • Keeps the mess in the diaper

The Honest Company Training Pants

These pull-ups are made from eco-friendly materials that are approved for your toddler’s sensitive skin. The core of the pull-ups is made from fluff pulp and plant materials. For sensitive skin, you cannot go wrong with these toddler training pants.

If you are looking for pull-ups that your baby can remove on their own, these are perfect. They are easy to wear on and remove. The waistband is soft and stretchy which gives a flexible fit and is easy for your baby to put on or remove on their own.

These training pants are leak-proof. They not only give protection and comfort during the day but also during the night. The core of the pull-ups locks in a liquid well and the secure cuffs prevent leakage and act as moisture barriers. Your baby will have zero leaks with the pull-ups.


  • Made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp
  • They are great for sensitive skin
  • The pull-ups have great leakage protection features
  • They are great for day and night


  • You might have to go a size down for a good fit

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Training Pants

If you are training your kid with sensitive skin, these pull-ups are great. The bamboo natural training pants are made with dermatologically tested materials for sensitive skin. The materials are natural-soft and eco-friendly, suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The pull-ups have three-layer absorbent cores that give super liquid absorption. Your child can stay dry overnight and all day due to the absorption technology. Even after multiple wettings, the diaper still absorbs fast and effectively. The pull-ups lock in moisture and messes and have minimum leakages.

These training pants are feather-like soft on the upper layer. The pull-ups are breathable and allow for easy circulation of air on the baby’s skin. The pull-ups are free from allergenic materials, parabens, chlorine, and perfumes.


  • They are good for training
  • The materials are good for sensitive materials
  • Minimum leakages with the pull-ups
  • Absorbs moisture even with multiple wettings


  • Not best for heavy wetting toddlers

Natural Blossom Pull-up Underwear

These are hypoallergenic-approved pull-ups designed to fit perfectly a baby with sensitive skin. The design is beautifully crafted with endangered animals. If you or your baby love animals, these pull-ups are perfect for your little one.

If you are looking for a comfortable fit for your baby, these pull-ups give you a perfect fit. The waistband and leg cuff are soft and flexible and comfortable when your baby wears them. The fit is good enough to prevent leakage. The pull-ups are anti-rash, absorb up to 17 oz hence preventing any rashes on your baby’s skin.

Are you looking for a perfect bottom fit from the pull-ups? The natural blossom pull-ups feature anti-lumping technology that ensures that the pull-ups fit your baby’s bottom just perfect. They are comfortable and do not clump. These pull-ups are one of the best on market with their blended technology.


  • They have a beautiful animal-themed design
  • The pull-ups give a perfect bottom fit
  • Anti-leakage perfect absorption features
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • You might need to get a size down depending on your baby

Factors to Consider When Buying Pull-ups for Sensitive Skin


carefully consider the materials used to make the pull-ups before buying them for your baby. The best pull ups for sensitive skin should be dermatologically approved. It should also be free from parabens, chlorine, perfume, and lotions.


Best pull ups for sensitive skin should allow free movement of air on your baby’s skin. This ensures that your baby’s skin stays dry, therefore preventing the baby from getting rashes.


If your baby’s pull-ups are not comfortable, probably, your baby will be restless. Consider pull-ups that have a flexible waistband and legs so that your child can move freely. Also, the top layer of the pull-ups should be soft.

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Keeping the baby dry and comfortable is the top priority when it comes to pull-ups. Pull-ups that have great absorption features, are flexibles, soft, and are made of non-toxic materials can make an ideal fit for a baby with sensitive skin. Natural Blossom Pull-up Underwear features great absorption and comfort features. It is ideal for sensitive skin. These pull-ups are outstanding for this review.

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