4 Best Sippy Cups for Thickened Liquids to Buy in 2023 

 August 21, 2022

By  Lucy

As babies grow, we look for more baby products to help them transition from one stage to another. Without the help of good-quality products, a baby’s journey would be difficult. Nowadays, companies have come up with improved baby products for everything a parent would need. Cups are no exception.

Feeding is the most important part of a baby’s growth. The transition between liquid to solid baby foods has to go hand in hand with different means of feeding. Sippy cups are helpful when you want to minimize messes during mealtime. They also encourage babies to eat. If your baby is starting on thickened liquids, this article gives you options for sippy cups for thickened liquids.

Sippy Cups for Thickened Liquids Reviews- Top Picks

RiJe Dysphagia Cup Controlled Sips

If your child has problems with swallowing, RiJe Dysphagia sippy cup is a good option for them. It is perfect for thick liquids because it has a straw for drinking regulated amounts. This cup encourages pauses when drinking with the 2 seconds break before replenishing the next sip.

The sippy cup has large handles for babies to hold. It works for hot liquids as it is made of great quality BPA-free plastic. The cup does not crack and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • The cup controls swallowing
  • It is high quality and BPA free
  • Does not crack in the dishwasher
  • It has an anti-spill design


  • It is a bit tough to close the cup at first but it loosens

Nuby Flip and Tip Hard Straw Cup

If your baby has been biting sippy cup straws, this is a better option for you. The straw is bite-resistant and long-lasting. The straw allows thickened liquid to flow freely as your baby drinks from the cup. It is a good cup if you want your baby to learn how to sip liquids. The straw flows down the base, this encourages the baby to hold the cup upright.

Maybe your ideal sippy cup is one you can use on the go. This one is perfect for that. You can push the straw into its closed position when the sippy cup is not in use. The cup alerts you if you need to refill the liquid for your baby with its transparent base that allows you to monitor how much liquid has been consumed.


  • The straw is bite resistant
  • The straw is durable
  • Straw runs down to the base
  • The base is transparent


  • The cup requires extra effort to clean

Philips Avent My Sip N Click Cup

This sippy cup has a quality silicone spout. The nipple-shaped spout is good for the baby’s mouth when sipping and is comfortable for hot and cold fluids. The cup has an anti-spill design with its one-piece built-in valve. It is also a budget sippy cup because they come in pairs for an affordable price.

The matching colored pair of cups have a beautiful baby-themed design. The cup is dishwasher approved and the 3 piece design is made to give you an easy time cleaning the cups. The cup is compatible with the Philips Avent My Easy Sippy spouts to give you an easy time.


  • The spout is a soft silicone
  • Has an anti-spill built-in valve
  • Comes in a matching color pair
  • The design is quick to clean


  • It has no handles

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OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup

The sippy cup has a unique almond shape. The straw has anti-slip features; it conforms to the shape of your baby’s mouth to minimize spillage. You do not have to open the straw valve for your baby. It opens soon as your baby’s lips are in contact with the straw.

The cup is convenient to use with measurement marks. It makes it possible to know the amount of liquid the baby takes. It creates a leak-proof seal when the hinged cap closes to prevent messes. The cup is soft and comfortable for your baby’s mouth. The sippy cup is anti-slip which gives your baby a firm grip when feeding.


  • It has a unique almond shape
  • The straw conforms to the baby’s mouth shape
  • It has measurement marks
  • The hinged cup closes after use to prevent spillage
  • The cup has an anti-slip design for firm grip


  • The lid comes off sometimes

Buying Sippy Cup for Thickened Liquids: What to Consider


The sippy cup should be made from quality materials. Most sippy cups are made of plastic. Ensure that the plastic is BPA-free and of high quality. This is for the safety of your baby.

Spillage Design

With liquids, even if thickened, spilling is easy. To avoid messes, make sure that the sippy cup you want to buy has anti-spillage features. For example, the straw should conform to your baby’s mouth shape to prevent spillage. The cup should have a tight lock mechanism to prevent spillage.


The sippy cup should feature colors that are fun for a baby to get excited about feeding. However, the cup should allow you to see how much your baby has consumed. Sippy cups with measurement marks are good because you know exactly how much your baby has taken.


If you want your babies to feed themselves, the sippy cup should have an anti-slip design to give your baby a firm grip on the cup. The anti-slip design also minimizes messes caused by the cup falling off your baby’s hands.


Transitioning to thicker liquids is easier with a reliable sippy cup. Sippy cups are essential for feeding and for training your baby to be independent when feeding. We are informed about the things to consider when buying sippy cups for thickened liquids. The quality and safety must not be compromised.

Maybe you like buying high-quality, affordable baby products. Philips Avent My Sip N Click Cup is a perfect choice for this. It comes in a pair of two beautifully designed sippy cups. The cup has a silicone spout that is good for thickened liquids; it also has an anti-slip design and can be approved for the dishwasher.

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