The thing that Hangs Above a Crib [Everything You Need to Know]

To answer your first question, that thing that hangs above a crib is a baby mobile. Maybe someone got you a baby mobile for your baby shower or you probably want to get a friend, but you are clueless about baby mobiles. Do not worry, you will be more knowledgeable by the end of this read.

The basic thing you need to know about baby mobiles is that they are great for baby nursery decoration and are safe. They add in a vibe to your baby’s room, and they also entertain, soothe or stimulate your baby.

In this article, we review some of the baby mobiles that hang above a crib, which could make a great addition to your baby’s room.

Things That Hang Above a Crib: Top Picks

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along with Mobile

This is an Amazon best-seller baby mobile. It is a portable one and can be carried around wherever you go. Tiny Love Meadow can be attached to your baby’s crib, stroller, or play yard. It is a convenient baby mobile. It has a Velcro strap attachment for the baby’s carrier, a two-part attachment arm for the crib, and a clip attachment for the stroller. Attaching it on all baby surfaces is easy and convenient.

This baby mobile is made with your baby’s development in mind. With the continuous 30 minutes of music, your child enjoys five different melodies without interruption, soothing them wherever they are. The spinning toys are colorful and stimulate your baby’s mind for development. The toys offer entertainment and company for your baby. Most importantly, the seven developmental wonders on the baby mobile are great for baby development.


  • The baby mobile is portable
  • It is convenient to attach on baby surfaces
  • The baby mobile is focused on baby development
  • Continuous music with 5 different melodies


  • Hard to tighten around the bassinet due to the slipperiness

Blue Baby Set Nursery Decor Infant

If you want to spice up your newborn’s baby nursery, this is a perfect choice for a baby mobile. This beautiful blue baby mobile comes with a hook so that you can attach it to the ceiling. It can be easily installed in the baby’s bedroom. The pieces on the baby mobile are adjustable.

The baby mobile is made of natural, non-toxic materials that are eco-friendly. If you are an all-natural person, this is a to-go for a baby mobile. The baby mobile stimulates baby visuals with its unique 3D design. The colors of the pieces are natural and soothing without triggering overstimulation. Since it is attached to the ceiling, the baby mobile allows you to do diaper changes comfortably.


  • It is made from natural bamboo and wool
  • The baby mobile does not overstimulate the baby
  • Comes with a hook for attachment
  • Has cool and colors
  • The pieces are adjustable


  • It does not come with hooks for mobility

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Oberlux Musical Baby Crib Mobile

This is a beautiful animal-themed baby mobile. The pieces on this baby mobile are charming animals; a giraffe, a birdhouse, a hippo, and a little elephant. The animal theme is perfect for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom. It also blends in with any baby nursery color and theme. The Oberlyx Musical baby crib mobile fits any standard crib.

It plays 12 songs when rotating. The best thing about its music is that it has an on and off button, and a skip-to-next button. Music volume can be adjusted depending on your baby’s mood. The rotating music is great at soothing and calming your baby down if they become restless. This baby mobile is easy to assemble.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The animal theme is beautiful and fun
  • It has a 12-song playlist
  • The music comes with a button to adjust the volume


  • Each song plays for only a few seconds


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Ocean Nursery Mobile

If your baby nursery is ocean-themed, this is a perfect baby mobile for you. Also, this baby mobile can blend in with many baby nursery themes. It comes in a beautiful ocean-blue-themed baby mobile. The pieces are attached to a ring that is easy to hang on the ceiling or the crib arm, making it easy to assemble.

The pieces are filled with soft fiber. The baby mobile features a whale, a dolphin, 3 seastars, six clouds, 3 ocean waves, and one narwhal. They are printed in gentle colors. The colors are gentle enough to soothe and not overstimulate. You can flip the pieces to change the color patterns of the baby mobile.


  • It has a beautiful ocean theme
  • The pieces can be flipped to change the pattern
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It does not come with a crib arm attachment

UNIH Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Music

This baby mobile comes with lights and a projector, making it awesome for your baby. The projector can project light on the wall so that your baby can see the beautiful stars. You do not have to worry about dazzling light that could hurt the baby’s eyes. The light is soft and eye-friendly.

If you are looking for a baby mobile that will give calm, reduce crying, and soothe your baby to sleep, the music on this baby mobile does exactly that. It is soft, calm, and soothing for a restless baby. It comes with a remote control that can be used to turn off the music and projection when your baby falls asleep.


  • It has lights and a projector
  • The light is soft for baby’s eyes
  • Has soothing music


  • It does not come with batteries

The Peanutshell Woodland Animal Crib Mobile

This baby mobile is a great fit for the standard-size baby crib. The baby mobile features a beautiful animal-themed design as its name suggests and is made of fabric. The pieces include a bear, deer, fox, and owl. The animals are designed in a friendly and sweet way to give a calm and soothing effect on your baby.

It also comes with 12 different music melodies that are digital. The music is soothing for the baby. The music can be controlled according to the baby’s preferences with just a simple touch of a button. The baby mobile battery operated. The batteries are to be purchased separately.


  • It is made of fabric
  • Has 12 different melodies


  • Batteries have to be bought seperately

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Baby Musical Crib Mobile

The baby mobile comes with a projector that switches between 3 starry colors to soothe your baby to sleep. The projector displays lights on the wall and plays 108 different melodies. If your baby sleeps to music, this is a great baby mobile for them. The baby mobile fits the standard baby crib and is easy to assemble.

The pieces are made of non-toxic, BPA-free, and tasteless materials. The pieces cannot harm your baby’s hands if the baby wants to play with them. The baby mobile spins slowly for your baby to view and exercise their eyesight. They help in eyesight exercise and development. The music is a collection that is suitable for any mood, either soothing or stimulating.


  • It has 108 different melodies
  • It is great for baby’s eye exercise


  • The music collection is mixed

Felt Ball Bed Bell Mobile Crib

This baby mobile is made from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material. It is great if your baby has sensitive skin or if you want to keep the baby nursery environmental-friendly. The pieces are handmade and are great for baby development. They stimulate the visual ability and ability to grab your baby.

This baby mobile can be passed down because it is made from the best materials that are absolutely durable. The assembling is easy and facilitated. The baby mobile gives your baby a soothing feeling and helps them fall asleep. The baby mobile is lightweight, therefore it is easily portable.


  • It is environmental-friendly
  • It is durable
  • It is light-weight


  • It comes in cream color

Factors to Consider When Getting a Baby Mobile

Baby’s safety

Generally, it is safe to have a baby mobile over a crib. Always ensure that it is firmly fitted on the crib or ceiling to avoid accidents. Also, make sure that the pieces are securely fitted on the ring to prevent them from falling off.

Baby’s needs

Different baby mobiles meet different baby needs. Whether it’s entertaining or soothing, the baby mobile should work best for what your baby needs. If you need the baby mobile to soothe your baby to sleep, it should have calming colors and soothing music that is not too loud. Bright mixed colors and loud music stimulate the baby rather than soothe.

Design and material

When it comes to gender and themes, a baby mobile should fit your baby perfectly. The baby mobile should also blend in with them in your baby’s nursery.

Last words

Now you know that the thing that hangs above a crib is a baby mobile. And you also understand why it is important to consider your baby’s safety when setting up the baby mobile.

Even though some baby mobile suits certain needs best, some multitask and suit all baby’s needs. Oberlux Musical baby mobile features a soothing animal theme and comes with great soothing music that is great for your baby, it is an all-around baby mobile.

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