What is a Convertible Crib? | A Super-Convenient Solution as Your Child Grows! 

 November 10, 2022

By  Jaycen Mag

Key Takeaways

  • A convertible baby crib is an infant bed for a sleeping baby adjustable to adulthood, depending on the type.
  • A 2-in-1 conversion is the mini crib standard for cribs, and it can't make a crib and a toddler bed.
  • You don't get a complete conversion kit in most brands, as you'll have to buy some later.
  • A convertible baby crib is an ideal child's room investment because you can adjust it as the child grows.

Watching the little one sleep is a delight for parents. You would want to find the right crib that's handy. Let's see if the convertible crib model is ideal for you.

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What is a Convertible Crib?

The convertible baby crib is a versatile crib that makes up the baby's nursery where a toddler lays. It's a child's room nursery decor, and it's convertible into a toddler bed, daybed, and other configurations as the little one grows up.

However, 2-in-1 cribs can convert into a crib and a big kid bed, not a toddler bed.

A four-in-one convertible crib, for instance, can become a full-size bed. That means it can serve the baby until graduation.

A five-in-one crib can transform into a sofa, similar to a daybed. But a crib, or sofa, has different pillows arranged differently, having a footboard in the configuration.

Types of Convertible Cribs Explained

There are different convertible cribs based on the number of conversions and additional features.

Convertible Cribs Based on Conversions

Conversions show how many beds the model can make. In that classification, you have the following types.

  • 2-in-1 convertible cribs - Converts to one crib and one big kid's bed

  • 3-in-1 convertible cribs - Turn into one crib and two big kid beds.

  • 4-in-1 convertible cribs - It makes a crib and 2 bigger kids' beds, and a footboard.

  • 5-in-1 convertible cribs - It makes a crib, three big kid beds, and a footboard.
A crib in a nursery room

Convertible Cribs Based on Additional Features

According to their additional features, convertible cribs have other types, including the following.

  • Regular Cribs with underdrawers - They have under-crib storage drawers.

  • Convertible storage cribs-Portable Cribs - They are convertible in that you can fold them. And are portable as they have locking wheels.

  • Combo Cribs - It comes with a changing table to save space and increase efficiency. They are perfect for infants where parents have limited space because the combo makes a complete nursery.

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Materials of a Convertible Crib

There are different crib brands, and some have various components. But the typical ones have fundamental pieces that only differ in styles and specifics. So the convertible kits of a convertible crib include the following.

  • Spindles

  • Stationary sides

  • Guardrails

  • Youngster rail

  • A standard-size adjustable crib mattress with a spring support

  • A headboard

  • A bed conversion kit for converting the convertible crib into a toddler bed, daybed and full bed

Many convertible cribs are wood-made, while some brands are brass-made, metallic, and acrylic. Toddler bed conversion kits don't have to come all in the original purchase. You'll buy some conversion kits separately.

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The Scrutiny of the Four-in-One Convertible Crib

A four-in-one convertible baby crib is an ideal investment for your baby's furniture. That's because it can go up to a full bed with few adjustments as the child grows up. It will match the storage and sleeping needs of your baby. Also, it saves you on buying different beds at different development stages for your little one. Here's how it works.

How a Convertible Crib Works: A 4-in-1 Crib

After buying the four-in-one crib, ensure you have all the pieces and hardware before assembling a crib.

  • After assembling, you should have all the sides covered with the crib guardrails to keep the infant from falling off. That makes a full-size crib.
  • Next, around 24 months, you can convert it into a toddler bed. You'll remove one toddler rail halfway. It shouldn't be challenging because it comes with an adjustable one-side rail.
  • Next to the droppable half rail, have a footstep into the bed to make climbing easier. Also, the crib mattress should be a little lower. Usually, the baby should walk by that age, so it shouldn't be hard.
  • Next, at around three to 3-four years, the baby is ready for a daybed. Remove the guardrail on one side and make it look like a sofa. Your child can sit or use it for sleeping.
  • Finally, convert it to a full bed by removing the other side's guardrail of the crib and putting on the right mattress height to accommodate the baby. Have the headboard in front of the bed.

Do you Get All Conversion kits With the Convertible Crib?

No, you don't get all conversion kits with the crib. If your crib can convert into a toddler bed, you will buy the toddler guardrail because some brands include them while others don't.

If the crib converts into a full twin-size bed, the parts required for the conversion aren't among those you get initially. So, the convertible kits you'll want are two full-size bed rails and a suitable mattress. But the front and the back of your crib serves as the footboard and headboard. 

Why a Convertible Crib and Not the Regular Standard Cribs?

Most convertible cribs serve longer than standard ones. That's because you can make a convertible baby crib into a full-size bed to help your kids up to college, even after converting and using it as a toddler and day bed.

Also, a convertible crib helps you save, especially when you buy a new convertible crib with the conversion kit. You'll earn a good discount and, in the future, it saves on the bed-buying costs as your toddler grows.

Buying a conversion kit is vital while ordering the infant crib because the model you buy may run out of stock when your child requires a toddler bed. That makes purchasing a kit hard.

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How to Choose an Ideal Convertible Crib: Parent’s Buying Guide

To look up a proper convertible crib, do the following.

Check if the Crib Meets the Safety Requirements

An excellent convertible crib should comply with the crib safety standards made after 2011 to be on the safe side. That's when the drop-side rail got abolished because it was hazardous to the baby.

Second, check if it has safe slats distances and if there are no cutouts in the footboard or headboard. These aren't safe for curious babies because of large slat distances and cut-out designs because the baby will get caught between the slats or break their legs. The best space is 2-and-1/2.

Height Adjustability

The crib height adjustability comes through adjustable mattress positions. As the baby grows and can sit up within the crib, you'll want to adjust the mattress height to their abilities.

Mattress Safety

A safe mattress is breathable, fits snugly in the crib, and is firm. To see if it works, ensure that you can't fit more than two fingers in the crib mattress side. That keeps the toddler from wriggling with gaps.

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Tips for Ensuring Best Sleep for the baby in a Convertible Crib

Do the following to give your child the best sleep in the convertible crib.

Bare-Crib Sleeping

Bare crib Sleeping means you don't put in excess bedding, pillows, blankets, crib bumpers, and toys. These items may seem harmless, but they can suffocate the baby quickly.

So the convertible mini crib should have the mattress, one snug-fitted crib sheet, and the baby. For warmth, wrap the newborn in swaddling and the toddler into a sleeping sack.

Use Breathable and Comfortable Bedding

Crib bedding should be mattress-tight because it's safer for the baby. Also, the sleep sack and swindlers should be breathable to keep your child from overheating.

Lay the Child on Their Back

Laying the child on the back reduces and eliminates Sudden Infant Death Syndrome risks. Laying on the side or tummy is okay for toddlers or older babies, but since they can't roll over on their own, the chances of SIDS are higher due.

What Is the Best Brand of Crib to Buy?

The best brand of cribs to buy is DaVinci cribs. Especially their 4-in-1 Karani. Most parents would love a versatile crib that’s not over 200 dollars. Since that is what DaVinci offers, their brand is a go-for. 

Other brands like IKEA are okay because of the versatility of colors and the modern touch in their cribs. 

Do You Need a Crib?

Yes, you want a crib. A piece of advice from AAP on cot security and preventing SIDS is that parents should use a crib for their newborns. The recommendation came from research and studies that showed a crib is among the safest sleeping places for newborns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Convertible Crib Worth It?

Yes, a convertible crib is worth it. That's because it can convert into toddler beds depending on the conversion. It also saves you cash in the long run.

What Size Bed Does a Convertible Crib Convert Into?

A convertible crib converts to a full-size twin bed, a toddler bed, or a daybed. That depends on the type of crib. A Four-in-one convertible baby crib will do just that. A six-in-one will convert into an adult bed and make three other toddler beds.

How Long to Use a Convertible Crib?

Toddlers use cribs around ages two to three. Afterward, they need a toddler bed. But the time to make the switch depends on the child and whether you feel they are ready. Typically, it's between 18 months to 42 months.

What’s the Best Convertible Crib to Consider for 2023?

The best convertible crib for 2023 is a 3-in-1 or a 4-in-1 mini crib. These two are timeless, especially from DaVinci, because of their sustainable New Zealand Pine and are ideal for twins or several kids.

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